5 Business Opportunities in Beijing (China)

Do you want to do business in Beijing? First of all, you should know some of the popular business opportunities in China. In this article, I will explain about the five business opportunities in China that you can use.

Chinese consumers are cosmetics fans

In fact, most Chinese consumers fond of luxury cosmetics brands from the West. Therefore, investment in the field of cosmetics can be one way for you to succeed in doing business in China. Today, there are many Western companies who put their nails in China, especially those from France. Based on a rough calculation, France is the supplier of 25% of the total cosmetics circulating in the Chinese market. Along with the increasing development of the Internet, cosmetics-related e-commerce businesses are also increasing rapidly to 25% annually.
Education: from private schools to online training

In China, there are various difficulties associated with public education so that this fact is the main reason of the creation of several alternative ways for students to obtain education, for example, the phenomenon of private schools. Today China has no less than 70,000 private schools at all levels and approximately 400 international schools spread across major cities. The Chinese government has made huge investments in the education sector since the first time they performed the privatization in the 1980s. Training online is a new phenomenon that emerged from the world of the Internet and this sector has produced 84 billion Yuan in 2013 with an annual growth rate reached 20%. This sector is a very promising market.


China's online retail market has reached an amazing achievement, the total turnover reached $ 143.5 billion in the third quarter of 2015, and China’s retail market is run by more than 688 million internet users! The growth rate of online purchases increased rapidly from year to year and this was evidenced by the increase of the use of online payment methods, such as WeChat Wallet and Alipay. However you can now find some sort of saturation so if you want to jump into this market, you have to be really creative and innovative.


Today, China tourists is one of the world's largest contributors to global tourism. They tend to want to know new cultures, along with the increasing growth of the Chinese economy. Combined with the number of people in China today, the tourism sector is one of the largest business sectors in China.

Health sector

As a result of the one child policy, China has an aging population now; however this policy gives a good effect on controlling population growth. Not only that, with decreasing number of population, the level of the economy is also lifted. Now the majority of Chinese people have an independent budget health and of course they are a potential field for all businesses that want to expand into the health sector of the giant country. Now, China is trying to improve their health care system, but their efforts have not yet reached some remote areas, so this is a great opportunity for any investor of healthcare business.
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