What Your Oral Health Says about You

Just as the face is the index of the mind, our mouth speaks volumes about our overall health. Apart from flaunting the pearly whites, along with well-kept gums, the mouth spills the beans of the bodily hygiene, much to the surprise of onlookers. Hence, a healthy mouth and a healthy body are in tandem with each other with remedies for oral hygiene having a long-standing positive influence on the overall health of a person.
Going by the adage “healthy mouth, healthy you”, it is needless to mention that a healthy mouth is an accompaniment to a healthy body. The following are the evident signs of this unique mouth-body connect that is manifested in more ways than one.
  1. Boosts self-esteem
    Oral hygiene goes a long way in promoting the self-esteem of people. Decayed teeth accompanied by bad breath mar the confidence of people, in turn,affecting their quality of life. It is only within a healthy mouth that bright and healthy teeth exist enabling people to eat better, sleep well and devote their entire potential to their responsibilities without being bogged down by frequent tooth aches and oral infections.
  2. Oral Hygiene – The Gateway to a Healthy Heart
    Our body, with so many inter-connections, demonstrates ailments through a careful examination of the mouth. If one is suffering from persistent gum diseases accompanied by chronic inflammation, it is indicative of an underlying progression of cardiovascular complications like heart ailments and thickening of the arteries. These symptoms demonstrate a higher propensity for strokes which can be prevented through the use of health products in India offered by Zigy.com.
  3. Memory Booster Along with enjoying good oral health comes a blessing draped in the form of improved memory. A host of oral care products for children offered by the online medicine Bangaloreplatform has lent a helping hand towards maintaining oral health amongst children, in turn, boosting their memory. Gingivitis is a painful condition caused by swollen and bleeding gums and it is believed to have a negative impact on the recapitulation and assimilation of information by children.
  4. Connection with Blood Sugar Levels
    Many a times, a persistent and recurrent gum disease demonstrate fluctuating blood sugar levels. With the onset of diabetes, it becomes very difficult to fight the diseased gums. With the progression of gum infection, diabetics suffer from rapidly fluctuating sugar levels. Hence, gingivitis can be used as a barometer to diagnose the possibility of diabetes in a patient.
  5. Linked to Pre-Mature Births Essentially noticed in pregnant women, the onset of gingivitis can indicate the propensity for preterm deliveries along with a higher risk to deliver babies with low birth-weight. Hence, it is imperative for pregnant women to fix up an appointment with a dentist to address the condition of bad oral hygiene before it goes out of hands.
With so many indications of oral health linked to the overall health of a person, it makes it imperative for people to be watchful of these signs. Additionally, as part of a comprehensive oral and body care, a host of medicines online offered by Zigy.com come as a support system for a healthy body resulting from a healthy mouth.
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