Two Key ‘Must-Have’ Skills to Become a Successful Footballer

Those who intend to become successful as professional footballer should keep in mind that effective ball handling is the basics that make you a striving soccer player. One must have the ability to hold the ball as it approaches towards you and instantly pass it on to his team mate who is in the best favorable position. You are expected to gain a number of skills, employing which you can coordinate your team mates the maximum to win the match.
Here are two major tips 

Control Over the ball

When it comes to football, having full control over the ball is a must during soccer play. Great skill in dribbling is another vital footwork that you should learn effectively. Mind, that dribbling is a footballer’s special attribute that help him keeping control over the ball as you move toward the goal. You should have ability to execute hasty starts as well as stops, in addition to undergo directional changes devoid of letting the ball leave your feet or its surrounding area.


Another great skill required is competence in juggling. Do practices, for juggling, employ the top part of your instep to kick the ball in such a way that it backspins the ball and turns it toward the flipside getting it out of opponent player’s reach.

High juggle can throw it over an opponent player’s head while your team mates can get its next access, if you are really an expert and calculative juggler. According to the most popular and highly appreciated American footballer Will Mchale that to become a successful footballer these are the fundamental qualities that one should learn with great care and dedication.

The Fame of Greenwich, the US Will McHale has been performed as the team captain for Yale University for 2012 session. During the concluding session and in the celebration party, he has been honored as the 135th most dependable team leaders for Bulldogs community.

At present, Will is the popular and highly adored team coach for the football club La Courneuve Flash, an American football counterpart in France. The esteemed American footballer is also known widely as William Mchale to his fans, professional footballers and to all whoever love football worldwide. Will is one of the top liked students to all coaches who taught him football because of his disciplined nature, positive attitude and skills.

During his schooling period at Greenwich High School he used to lead him school team and that continued till his university life. Both his father John Mchale and grandpa Sr. John were legendary footballers in American football history.

His grandfather, who is no-more, was also a passionate baseball player and had played for major clubs in America.  Will Mchale played in a number of league football matches and thereafter in state championships during the period 2006-07.

By early 2010, he appeared into the football ground as a professional footballer and with his amazing playing skill, footwork, coordination with the team members to beat the opponent team he became highly popular to millions of American football fans.

He has been honored with the famous and much acclaimed Robert Gardner Ander Award in the recent years.
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