Methadone detoxification and how it affects lives

Methadone detoxification is a difficult detoxification process. Success rate of the program is low and dependent on the use of opoid medication.

Several methods exist of which Methadone tapering is one. But there are doubts regarding the efficacy of the program. Clinics offer Methadone Maintenance Therapy reducing the dependency on heroin (related to increased crime in the society) and other opiate addictions.

There are risks associated with the use of Methadone. Anyone thinking of choosing a Methadone detox should first consult the physician to find out more.

It is also sold illegally outside and users are overdosed. Hence, it is advised that users use discretion before making a decision.

It is a very difficult detoxification process. Many have found that they were not adequately informed or were handed overdoses and not given enough detoxification when wishing to reduce.

During the first few days, the risk is high (Methadone is cardio toxic). Strictly under medical supervision, users should consume doses. A very frequently occurring problem in the US is death from prescription drugs. However not everyone using the drug die. Many suffer from severe consequences that affect the quality of their life.

Methadone being a prescription drug is often sold in clinics for a measly amount. It has quite often resulted in deaths from overdose.

Though laws exist, but the interests (of administering clinics and patients) are conflicting and hence there is no one sure shot piece of information on how to proceed. Often patients are responsible for the deaths as in they forgot to mention to the doctor about a certain drug they were using that reacted with Methadone.

The thing works like this: you have a pain that is a killer. So you take Methadone to rid yourself only to suffer from debilitating side effects.

And since deaths have been known to occur in patients consuming even as little as 20 mg per day, there is no prescribed lethal range. Methadone gained prominence due to the media driven hysteria over Oxycontin and it became the chosen prescription for physicians treating pain.

In the deaths that have occurred due to Methadone use, it was found that several of them were users in their initial days. Desperate to obtain treatment denied by physicians unwilling to prescribe Methadone, they lie their way to the Methadone program, thus exposing themselves to increased risk of heart failure.

The fact not many know or understand about Methadone is that it has a long half life. It is lethal and shouldn’t be used without the prescription of a professionally qualified individual.
There have been many studies focused n determining the relationship between Methadone use and deaths from cardiac arrests.

Pain treating physicians advise Methadone and are not usually held accountable for deaths resulting from Methadone use. And there is a nexus between drug warriors and doctors that drives them to switch pain-suffering patients from safer alternatives to Methadone.

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