How steak can taste different on the basis of its cut?

While there are various types of steaks out there, according to famed steak specialist and restaurant owner Robert J Sambol ,each has its own texture and touch over which depends the intensity delivered to the one savoring it.

Here are some of the most common steak cuts one will ever come across:
  1. The porterhouse cut is a type of steak which is widely popular in the present times. And the main reason behind it being so much in demand is the fact that this steak provide with two steaks at the money of one! While on one side there is the filet mignon, the other side is a New York strip. Also the porterhouse cut is much thicker in nature with more amount of tenderloin as compared to the loin. Therefore one can savor this the most when this is grilled. But also it tastes ecstatic when it is broiled, pan-fried, sautéed as well.
  2. Perhaps the most popular in the Central Valley and the Centra Coast regions of California is the tri-tip cut. This cut is also widely known as Santa Maria steak and is widely favored for the reasonable price it comes in along with providing a full through flavor and also a very minimal fat scale. The excellent marbling of this steak makes it an absolute delight for the beef connoisseur as it is increasingly tender except when someone overcooks it! This kind of cut is best served when it is marinated but also it can be grilled and consumed.
  3. The T-bone steak gets its name from the typical T-shaped bone which is in the steak. This is the type which has a smaller section of tenderloin as it is cut close to the front. While this kind of cut is best prepared when it is broiled or grilled in a mid temperature, it cooks fast except the meat portion which is near the bone.
  4. Perhaps one of the leanest cuts of steak is the top sirloin which is quite different from a normal sirloin steak. While in a sirloin steak, the bottom round muscles, the bone and the tenderloin stays intact, in a top sirloin, these are often removed. This kind of steak requires marination in order to make it more tender. Also if one wants to cut a steak into cubes to skewer with vegetables and grill then in that case, this steak might just be the perfect fit for the purpose.
  5. According to Robert J Sambol, one of the most popular and highly flavored cut of steak is the flank. This steak has a great flavor to it, only because it has a lot of connective tissues. But also having these tissues makes this steak a lot less tender one. A flank steak is often marinated before it is being grilled or broiled and also this steak is often cut in thin slices from across the grain.
So, now that you know the different kind of steak cuts there are, you can very well try these and choose one for satisfying your taste buds.
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