Know About the Different Blinds and Shutters Available in the Market

Privacy in our homes and offices are a major concern for us all the time. Shutters are developed for providing a strong and firm protection for the doors as well as windows of these areas. It usually consists of a frame of horizontal rails and vertical stiles. Shutters are employed for various reasons like for controlling the sunlight from entering into the room, to provide security, privacy against unwanted damage, etc.

Different Blinds and Shutters Available in the Market

It also offers a modern look for enhancing the aesthetics of a building. On the other hand, blinds are also used for covering large doors and windows. The basic difference between these two is, shutters are made for exterior doors and windows inside the room where as blinds are only used indoors.

Types of Shutters available

Solid Shutters
These shutters are done by combining the lower part of the platform with the upper area of the slats of the window.

Full Height Shutters
  • Full height shutters are best for doors and taller windows.
  • These shutters make the louvers to be more powerful and help the movement of the same in a more self-reliant way. So, you should keep the top set open anytime to let the light in while, keeping the bottom shut for maintaining privacy.
Cafe Style Shutters
  • Cafe style shutters are cost effective and are hanged only on the bottom half portion of the window.
  • These shutters are mainly ideal if you need privacy while living in street place, when you still want the light to enter.
  • These shutters are of no use if you want your room black out completely.
Double Hung Shutters
  • Double Hung shutters, otherwise called as tier on tier shutters are one of the most versatile shutters, with two sets of tiers hung one above the other which works separately.
  • These shutters help in great flexibility as you have the bottom shut and the top open, both the sets can be easily shut or open.
  • It has only one disadvantage that it looks a bit fussy on certain types of window.
Types of Blinds available

Types of Blinds available

Panel Blinds
  • Panel blinds are usually ideal for the room dividers and the large expanses of windows.
  • These blinds will provide privacy and shading and will be arranged beautifully behind each other, which allows the light to enter the room to a greater extent.
  • These blinds are highly used in homes and offices.
Venetian blinds
  • These blinds come in 25 mm, 35 mm, 16 mm, 50mm horizontal slats of aluminum in a wide range of wood or metallic finishes and comes in a wide and variety range of color
  • Unlike many companies, these blinds provide colors with coordinated and bottom head rails.
Roman Blinds
  • Roman blinds are generally made using certain type of fabric which can be either supplied or is made using the fabric of your own, which will match the other soft furnishings of your home.
Vertical Blinds
  • Vertical blinds provide a wide range of colors and designs, also they are available in branded forms which are resistant to stains, thus increasing its durability.  These blinds can be matched with roller and venetian blinds too.
  • The width of louver is 89 mm and 127 mm.
Roller Blinds
  • Roller blinds are arranged in a braided form by using wood. It is also made with brass as well as compounds of chromium. This is the perfect choice for the window sills.
Intu design blinds
  • These blinds are ideal for both doors and tilt windows.
  • These blinds are available in a variety of colors.
Velux blinds
  • Velux blinds are highly ideal for loft windows.
  • These blinds lower and rise snugly against the angle of the window and come with foil for aluminum as a high standard for keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.
Pleated Blinds
  • These blinds are easily matched to vertical and roller blinds.
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