Bathroom Renovations of 2016

The bathroom looked tired. For almost two decades the pink tiles surrounding the tub had been functioning as a backdrop for Formica counter tops and sad no-wax floors. Now, our daughter was off to college and we were remodeling. The bathroom was the first stop in a home-makeover.

Smashing the pink-tiled walls and watching that ugly stuff shatter and break was thrilling. Pulling out the tub that was permanently scratched and stained from years of tub toys was, well- almost euphoric. Goodbye hideous chipped and stained Formica! So long single sink! Toilet- I will not miss your handle that sticks.

The bathroom went from 70's retro to an empty shell. Now, we could begin building the designs that played in my head all of those years. I would never squat over the edge of the tub bathing a child again. A huge shower completes with a sitting area, rain-shower head, and recessed inserts for shampoos and soaps would now take that space. Gorgeous mosaic tiles with a personalized medallion inset would make our custom-tile job a one-of-a-kind artwork. Completing the shower would be a steam shower, music and lots of light. Seamless glass walls would surround my new shower, adding to the open feel.

The double-vanity sink would feature granite counter tops, sculpted bronze faucets and stand-above marble bowls for the sinks themselves. Located on the marble matching soap dishes would be
handmade bath products, goat milk soaps, honey lotions, and aromatic body creams.

My new 'throne' is one of those touch less flushing systems. All I have to do is hover my hand over the sensor on the top. The flush is automatic, clean and sanitary. The tank is designed to be water efficient, using less than one gallon of water per flush.

My husband and I decided that we loved the clean look of granite tiles and counter tops. We continued with heated granite floor tiles. These feel cozy and warm, not what you would expect from granite. They are super easy to keep clean. The look is very modern and inviting. A natural-looking light from the recessed can lights helps me look my best in the mirrors.

Pretty soon, we will start on the other parts of the house. For now, I think my husband and I are just going to soak in our steam shower, listen to music and maybe have a glass of wine. We may never leave this room again.

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