Aerial Photography- Airplanes or Helicopters?

There are talented women in the world who are known for their exceptional skills and passion. Jessica Sarkisian is one such woman who is not only a qualified pilot but a skilled aerial photographer as well. She loves flying and clicking pictures from great heights. She is a professional with an amazing portfolio of stunning photographs of diverse subjects. 

When it comes to capturing photographs from the sky, Jessica is faced with a common question by budding aerial photographers will wish to make it big like her. This question is should you capture snaps from an airplane or a helicopter? Jessica says that airplanes do not give you the chance to shoot at close range. You have to work with the wings and the strut. However, airplanes are easy to rent from flight schools and you can also borrow them from friends if you want. At the same time, you cannot fly an airplane slowly and operating in a four-seat airplane below 80 mph is not safe. If you need to use an airplane for flying, it is recommended that you go in for Cessnas as they are ideal for their slow speed.

When you are using a helicopter, according to Jessica Sarkisian, you get the chance to fly with your door removed. This gives you the chance to capture just about anything you wish you. You have great space and freedom. Helicopters can be flown legally in open spaces provided they have the facility to auto-rotate in the event of an emergency. You also can fly a helicopter at a very low altitude as well. Helicopters can be flown at 60mph if required and they also can be slowed down or be made to hover in mid-air as well or made to fly backwards over the area. 

There are concerns as to whether helicopters are unsafe for aerial photographers. Jessica dismisses this fact and says modern helicopters are reliable and the chances of crashing due to mechanical failure are less. She cautions that when you are taking photographs while flying, you should not make the attempt to fly in dangerous weather. This is the time when most accidents take place. It is prudent for you to always check the weather forecast and conditions when you are venturing into aerial photography. 

Jessica Sarkisian guides budding aerial photographers on how to take amazing shots when high in the sky. She says that you do not have to be qualified in the field but a certain amount of training is indeed an added bonus. There are aerial photography workshops and seminars you can attend. Professional aerial photographers attend them and give you simple tips on how to improve the quality of your photographs. Jessica is an inspiring example of the new genre of women aerial photographers in the world. She is passionate about photography and infuses unique creativity in her pictures with success. This is why she is widely sought after for her valuable advice and guidance in the field of aerial photography today!
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