Why nylon is the best choice for sports nets

Sports nets are indispensable for many sports that pose safety hazards during practice. In some sports nets are important accessories like the nets used for badminton, tennis, basketball, football, hockey and many other sports.

Nets are the best choice when safety has to be ensured on the field like batting cage nets. Putting up the nets during practice would ensure that spectators are safe from being hit by the stray ball and the players can execute their strokes to the fullest without any hesitation.

There are other benefits also – the ball does not get far away and it is easy to gather the ball and continue the practice session smoothly. Balls are confined within the nets and do not get lost in the wilderness thereby saving considerable money.  Batting cage nets are especially useful when practicing in a small space as players do not have to restrict their stroke play.

Net material

With safety in mind, sports nets have to be made from durable materials that will not give away easily. To ensure strength and durability, polyethylene and nylon are the most preferred materials of construction with the former being less expensive than nylon.

Usually, the thickness of the net is an indicator of its strength and for batting cage nets where durability is a concern, nylon is an obvious choice. The thickness of twine can vary between #21 and #36, with the latter being stronger.

The grades explained

For softball and baseball nets #21 and #36 are the two grades of nylon that are commonly used. As #36 is expensive, those with restricted budgets can opt for #21 without compromising on the functional and safety aspects. The nets are fixed to pre-existing structures and usually come in hexagonal shaped mesh, usually sold in terms of square foot.

Dug out protection

Even during ongoing games, sports nets have special use to protect those in the dugout from a roving ball that might cause injury. Besides the rails fitted in front of dugouts, putting up nets would ensure complete safety for the occupants that comprise of players, officials and support staff.

Advantages of nylon nets
  • High durability – Nylon has unquestionable durability and despite its higher price as compared to polyethylene is a preferred material for nets on the sporting field.  With high resistance to wear and tear and environmental conditions, nylon nets can be used outdoor for extended period with high degree of reliability.
  • Repeated use – The investment in nylon nets is more than justified by its ability to be used repeatedly without any deterioration of quality. The specifications of NCAA or National Collegiate Athletic Association are often surpassed by the quality of the nylon nets.
  • Color fastness – Being treated with UV resistant chemicals, the color of nylon nets remain unaffected due to exposure to the weather.
  • Additional protection – Nylon nets are bonded and dyed during manufacturing that penetrates into the inner fibers of each strand and creates an additional protective layer that increases longevity.
Nets are available readymade and can be tailor made, too.
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