Understanding Organic Foods and the Benefits It Offers

In the 21st century, organic food has grown huge in terms of popularity. Due to the constantly busy schedule of the people, they tend to consume the street food more in comparison to the home make foods. However, when it comes to make a selection among the so-claimed organic foods, it tends to be quite confusing. Are these organic foods beneficial? What do they actually mean? How different are they from the genetically modified foods? Several such questions can arise in one’s mind.

What do we mean by “organic food”?
First, we need to understand the real meaning of organic food. The term “organic” is used to pinpoint the ways in which the agricultural products are grown. In order for the farm fresh foods to be labeled as being organic, it is essential for adhering to certain requirements such as grown in safe soil, absence of any sort of alterations and even absence of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Even animal products such as milk, egg and meat should also be free from any adulteration in order to be coined as organic.

Benefits of the organic food
As per the studies conducted, it was observed that organic foods tend to be full of more beneficial nutritional elements. Also, people who are allergic towards preservatives and chemicals can easily consume the organically grown foods due to the absence of chemicals. Apart from these, the following benefits are:

·         Fresher than modified foods
The organically grown foods are usually fresher due to the absence of preservative. These preservative keep the foods secure than they actually last, sacrificing the freshness of the foods.

·         Absence of pesticides
In the genetically modified foods, farmers tend to use preservatives to protect them from plant devouring insects. But these pesticides tend to get absorbed by the plants and cannot be removed despite washing. However, for growing organic foods, farmers don’t use the pesticides. This assures people of consuming safe and healthy foods.

·         Organic foods are GMO free
GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms are foods from both plants and animals that have been altered on the genetic basis in order to yield more of the products. For example, cows are given injections in order to increase the quantity of milk given. The organically grown foods are derived from animals and plants that have been raised by organic means.

Understand true meaning of labels on organic foods
We often get confused when coming across food labels. These would have terms which can be quite confusing unless their difference isn’t understood. The most commonly confused terms are natural and organic. We must remember that the term “natural” can be used by every food manufacturer. On the other hand, using the term “organic”, it is clear that the assigned standards of production have been successfully met.

So, the next time you plan to buy fresh vegetables online, make sure that you have a clear concept about the organic foods.

Simon Hopes is a reputed author who writes various contents based the nutritional aspects of the various foods. He emphasizes his readers to always opt for the fresh farm foods to have a healthy life.
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