Some Tips for Using Anvarol (Anavar)

This steroid Anavar, often known as the ‘girl steroid’, is a very popular steroid compared to other steroids. This is because Anavar is easily accepted and tolerated by the body of women, whereas, their body type is more sensitive towards other steroids. Thus, having fewer side effects, this steroid has won the hearts of many. And, not for women only, it is also suitable for men.

It is mainly used for regaining weight after any illness of surgery. Also it is used by those who want to build muscle and fit body, or it can be used for other different health reasons.

About the steroid

There are many different oral steroids, but this one is one of a kind. Anavar is an exceptional steroid as it is useful for body types of both men and women. Any of the steroids fail to work for women, but this one is actually meant for women that too without any side effects.

For men, this steroid helps to make their physic best and bulk their muscles up. For those who are trying to build their muscles, or for the bodybuilders, this steroid also helps a lot. It helps to reduce fat by gaining mass in lean muscles of the body.
For women, this steroid helps to get and maintain the perfect physical shape and the perfect bikini figure. Also, Anavar helps women athletes to get the perfect body shape in which they should be in. And, you can easily get more information about Anavar from

Some instructions 

Before using this steroid, you must know about its side effects and advantages. Always read the instructions before starting taking these steroidal capsules. The usage cycle for this steroid is of six week bursts for both men and women. These six week bursts helps men to bulk up and loose undesired fat quickly. Also, for women, six week bursts is considered to best. The six week bursts help athletes and buff bodybuilders for muscle building and slimming down, and allows models to maintain their desired figure being in a healthy state.

Also, the range of dosage of this steroid for women is 10-20mg per day during the six weeks. For men, the dosage of Anavar is slightly higher than that for women as mild steroids does not work perfectly for men. But, prolonged usage of Anavar or exceeding the range of dosage will cause some side effects. After the duration of six weeks, women should give a gap of minimum three weeks and then again they can start taking the steroid. Not only for women, this is also advised to men. Hence, proper usage is mandatory to get proper results.

Brief about the steroid

To get best results from any steroid, most athletes combine a several different steroids with it. Similarly, it is advised to take other steroids with Anavar to get the results faster and better. But, for the first time users, it is advisable to use the steroid alone without any other steroidal drug to get proper results. For more details regarding Anavar, you can follow this link -
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