Know The Variety Of Poster Printer Paper Available In The Market

Posters are fascinating visual tools for advertising a product or service as well as for creating awareness or educating people in a cost-effective manner. However, this tool shot into prominence only in the late 19th century and then continued to flourish till today. In the early 19th century, poster production was extremely expensive and thus, did not have many admirers. Meant to read from a great distance, the font sizes were increased considerably and soon people learned the art of printing multiple colors in a simple manner which paves the way for its massive popularity. 

Posters are there across the walls of streets, on billboards and in many other places. The most popular ones that one may notice surely are movie posters or posters about an upcoming event in the city. Posters are also widely used during political campaigns. It is a common perception that poster printer paper is only of one variety i.e. the glossy one with a high finish. However, the truth is the market is flooded with countless varieties as the paper for printing a poster to get a place in the outdoor is sometimes quite different from the one that finds a place in an indoor environment as a motivational poster, school announcement etc.

    Glossy poster paper
This type of paper is lustrous and ideally suitable for billboards because of their increased wet strength. Such type of paper is also resistant to any scratch and thus is largely used by all to serve the purpose of product promotion or basic poster work. This kind of paper is also largely compatible with all kinds of printers and is best for getting a high-resolution image print. 

    Matte poster paper
Easy to laminate, this kind of poster paper is good for printing at an economical cost. However, this is not so durable like the glossy poster paper and is suitable for indoor promotion or advertisement only. Color vibrancy and high resolution are also other issues that make this kind of paper, less preferred over glossy poster paper for printing.  

    Metallic poster paper 
This paper is distinctive in its appearance and extremely eye-catching after getting a print. You will be amazed to view the color vibrancy and high-quality print output on this paper which makes this a favorite of professional photographers all over the world. 

Of course, there are other poster papers too suitable for printing with a semi-gloss, satin or pearl finish. Apart from choosing the right poster printer paper , one need to take care of a few aspects like bleed, font size and choosing CYMK instead of RGB to ensure a right print. One mistake and the print can go horribly wrong. It is also essential to get the right poster printing service. 

The ideal solution is to get in touch with a company that offers professional poster printing services by the virtue of a dedicated poster printer system allowing multiple copies to get printed in a hassle-free manner and facilitates an automatic cutting for easy application.
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