Intergenerational Stars Of The Spanish League 4 Father-Son Teams

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The Manuel Sanchis Dynasty - Martinez And Honiyuelo

The elder Manuel Sanchis was a legend in the Spanish football scene of the 60s. He was on the European Cup winning team in 1966, and his reputation as a tough defender stands to this day. Appearing on the field over 140 times for Real Madrid, Manuel Sanchis helped pull the team to numerous domestic victories to go with their European triumph. He performed well when playing for Spain as well, winning 11 caps in various games which included the World Cup Finals in 1966. While in England for those finals he scored his only international goal. Manuel Sanchis junior would follow close behind his father when his own professional career began. He too played for Madrid at the Bernabeu, and many fans believe his career was even more impressive than his fathers. He racked up a stunning total of 700 on-field appearances with Real Madrid and played internationally in both the European Championship and the World Cup. He was with the team which won the 1998 and 2000 European Cups. This father-son duo is one of only three that can both claim to have won this prize.

The Cruyffs - Johann And Jordi

A famous - and famously talented! - father can cast a long shadow. A man like Jordi Cruyff could be forgiven for avoiding comparisons to his father, but Jordi plunged straight down the same path as his old man. Few observers would contend that Jordi's career equaled his famous father's, but he certainly brought no shame to the Cruyff family name. Jordi stepped onto the field for Barcelona 41 times in the 90s, just as his father did before him. While he didn't exactly equal Johann Cruyff's well-earned fame as a Barca footballer (and manager), the Cruyff dedication to Barcelona lived on for another generation thanks to him. Given that Johann actually named his son after Catalonia's patron saint, it's not so surprising that he chose to play football in Barcelona.

The Busquets - Carles And Sergio

Carles Busquets is possibly best known today as the back-up for Spanish goalkeeper Andoni Zubizarreta Carles, but he was also a fixture on the field for Barcelona in the 90s. Highlights of his career including a very close game against Man Utd in the Winner's Cup Final of the 1991 European Cup. While he didn't appear on the field during the team's great Final victory the next year, he was still on the roster and entitled to a winner's medal. Sergio Busquet has done a great deal to continue his father's football legacy, earning three Champions league medals (perhaps with more to come) and serving as a strong midfielder in the world-class team now playing at Camp Nou. Sergio seems very likely to continue making Carles proud as his star continues to rise.

The Alonsos - Miguel And Xabi

In the late 70s, the Real Sociedad side was rightly famous throughout Spain, and Miguel Alonso's efforts in the midfield were a huge part of the team's great perfomance. With a career running up to 1982, Miguel racked up a total of 154 matches and helped the side clinch a pair of league championships in the process. He was also part of the Spanish team during the historic World Cup in 1982 and later went on to play for Barcelona. Xabi also started his career playing midfield for Sociedad, although he has gone on to even greater heights. He brought his talents to Liverpool during the 2004-2005 season and made a critical goal in the side's battle against AC Milan in the Champions League Final. Xabi later returned to Spain to play for Real Madrid. Fortune smiled on his talents and he brought home both a league title and another Champions League. Most importantly, Xabi served as a key player on the dominant Spanish teams that experienced such glory in the 2010 World Cup and won back-to-back European Crowns.
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