HGV Delivering Our Christmas

As Kriss Kringle double checks his naughty or nice list, prepares his sleigh and readies his reindeer in preparation for their annual quest to deliver Christmas gifts to all the children of the world. That being said the rest of us must depend on a good old fashioned HGV driver to ensure that every home is stocked full of all the delicious treats and goodies that are an absolute must in British homes for a traditional Merrry Christmas. As we all know once the season to be jolly approaches every supermarket fills up as people frantically rush around stocking up shelves and cupboards with a large supply and variety of chocolate, mince pie, and Baileys. These items do not magically appear, every slice of turkey, After Eight, chocolate, mince pie you consume have at some point or another been in the back of a lorry. The amount that is transported during the season is quite impressive.

A Turkey does not Merely Walk into Your Kitchen Now Does It?

Dating back to the Second World War when rations were declined and the Native Americans kindly introduced the turkey to the dinner table it then became the star of Christmas dinner for families all over the British Nation. In the UK over ten million turkeys are consumed during the Christmas Holidays. "This demand requires a large amount of turkey transportation and the lorries that it takes to do so" explains Kat Tingle from HGV training cost specialist, HGVTrainingCost.com. Most of the route (or plight) from turkey farm to dinner table is largely thanks to HGV transporting them in bulk to butchers, wholesalers and supermarkets nationwide. Towards the end of November HGV reported that Bernard `Bootiful Matthews had ordered as many as six new refrigerated HGVs to add onto their already existing thirty five in order to transport their turkey fleet and meet the turkey demand.

All Time Favorites


At the beginning of December you will see a rosy cheeked assistant in a Santa hat and body warmer standing round the Christmas tree stock at the Garden Centre, supermarket or even your local grocers waiting to assist you in your Christmas tree purchase. Fun Fact: During the Christmas Holidays eight million natural Christmas trees are purchased in the UK to bring cheer to homes, offices and premises.


If you think our turkey consumption is large it pales in comparison to the amount of Christmas Puddings delivered by HGV drivers to stock the shelves yearly all over the UK reaches a whopping 25 million Christmas Pudding over the Christmas season. Must be the reason behind the sudden rise in gym memberships come January.


Whether you love or hate them come Christmas these small green vegetables make their presence known. During the holidays over eight thousand five hundred tons of sprouts are timely delivered to shops then to the dinner plate just in time for the Queen's speech.


The UK is fond of its drink so in a nation of tipplers this is the booze that is consumed during the holidays: Two hundred and fifty million pints of beer Thirty five million bottles of wine Eighty two million bottles of Bailey's


From nail clippers that may never be used, paper hats and naff jokes, crackers are a staple for a British traditional Christmas dinner. This is why our freight industry must be equipped to transport the three hundred million crackers that are demanded for the season. Christmas is a time in which the role of HGV deliveries is truly highlighted and important for our community and of course the economy. Without all our traditions delivered by HGV it may not be as bright and cheery as we´d like.
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