Christmas Deliveries This Holiday Season Courtesy Of HGV Drivers

Santa Claus is checking his naughty or nice list and preparing to deliver Christmas presents again this holiday season, his reindeer leading the way in the night sky, but he can't do it all. It takes the hard work of HGV delivery drivers to get those presents delivered to homes in Britain, and unfortunately, they don't have access to a sleigh. The HGV drivers still have everything it takes, however, and they will be seeing you shortly. All the chocolate and other Christmas goodies are fully stocked in stores and supermarkets, ready for all the people to clear the shelves during the holiday season rushing around buying presents for their loved ones. Of course, these precious presents don't get magically delivered to the shelves. Think about all that Christmas turkey and ham that is prepared, all those joyful treats you eat and imagine what it takes to get all of those things on the shelves for everyone to enjoy during the Christmas season. "Those turkeys aren't going to package themselves and find the supermarket or your kitchen for that matter" says Gareth Mill from HGV training costs specialist Chocolates don't sprout legs, climb in a box and make their way to your Christmas stocking. Post WWII, British families have consumed turkeys in full fashion during the holidays, as it's a staple to most traditional Christmas dinners. Would you believe that British people take care of over ten million turkeys during the holidays? This means the lorries all stocked full of Christmas turkeys making their way to dining tables. HGV has a hand in taking those turkeys to many different stops along the way, not just the supermarkets. The turkeys are the centerpiece of the Christmas dinner, and they are ready to accompany all your favorite dishes. Companies like Bernard Matthews are getting even more trucks ready to serve as turkey transport trollies so that everyone is guaranteed to have that Christmas turkey ready for the big feast.

Additional Christmas Traditions

Don't Forget The Christmas Tree!

Christmas trees are going to be found in all the right places, assistants on standby ready to get your tree loaded for you from the first of December on up until Christmas Day. How many Christmas trees would you think that people in the UK purchase for the holiday season every year? The number is a whopping 8 million! Turkeys outsell them, but just wait to see what's next on the list.

Traditional Puddings

HGV drivers have to really work hard to get enough traditional Christmas puddings on the shelves for the holiday season. Turkey sales just don't quite compare. What if you were told that people in the UK buy approximately 25 million traditional Christmas puddings every year? Now you can start to imagine why people make those New Year's resolutions to hit the gym.

Brussels Sprouts

While they may not be everyone's favourite side dish, Brussels Sprouts are a traditional staple of British Christmas dinners, and people in the UK consume more than 8,500 tons during the Christmas season.

Alcohol & Other Items

You can just imagine what else those HGV drivers are preparing to deliver this Christmas season. How about all that wine, 35 million bottles yearly to be exact. How many pints of beer do you think people in the UK consume during Christmas? Try 250 million! As for liquor, Bailey's is the top choice, and there are more than 82 million bottles sold.

Don't Forget The Crackers!

Every Christmas dinner must have the crackers that people pull to find hidden treasures that no one ever uses. This British tradition requires that there be more than 300 million of those crackers ready for people to use during the holidays. HGV drivers truly do work hard during the Christmas season, but they do as well throughout the entire year. Without their dedication to deliveries, Christmas might not be as big of a blast.
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