Choosing Main Courses to Serve at Your Wedding

When deciding on the food for your wedding breakfast, think about the food you enjoy - after all, it is your wedding. The time of day the meal will be served and the venue may also influence your choice. Whether you are planning for your guests to be seated at tables and have the food served or prefer a more informal arrangement where they collect their own food will help you decide on suitable main courses.

Wedding Themes
If your wedding has a particular theme, this may influence your choice of dishes. For example, an Oriental theme might lead you towards choosing a dish that incorporates rice or noodles, but if your wedding has a traditional British theme, what could be better to serve than roast beef and Yorkshire pudding or fish and chips? If your budget allows, two choices of main course plus a vegetarian option will ensure that there is something for everyone.

The Main Course
The main course should complement the starter and leave your guests anticipating the dessert. If you are hiring a catering service, they will be able to advise you about suitable dishes that incorporate seasonal and regional ingredients. Visual appeal is as important as taste, so ask to see samples of what your caterer can offer. There are some popular choices you may like to consider.
Beef and lamb options could include braised short ribs, beef Wellington, spiced roast beef, rosemary and thyme rack of lamb, stick spiced lamb shanks or ginger chilli lamb chops.

If you prefer to serve fish, why not consider a Spanish fish stew, seared ginger sea bass or cod and chips?

Popular chicken dishes could include ginger glazed breast of chicken, chicken chasseur or a fragrant chicken, coconut and coriander curry.

If any of your guests are vegetarian, there are plenty of ideas that both they and meat eaters will enjoy. A grilled vegetable tower served with a leek risotto looks impressive and tastes fresh and beautiful, or you could offer simple stuffed peppers or mushrooms served with polenta.

If you are intending to offer a choice of main courses for your wedding breakfast, think about the accompaniments and the colour of the dishes. If you can choose dishes that go well with the same sides, sauces and garnishes, it can simplify the service. However, whether this is practical will depend on whether you are hiring a catering service, using the venue's own caterers or deciding on a different approach. The number of guests can also dictate your choices to some extent, as some dishes lend themselves to catering for large numbers more than others.

If you decide on one main course for all the guests, with the exception of any with special dietary requirements, it is often wise to opt for something relatively simple and popular such as a chicken casserole served with rice or potatoes. Whatever you decide, the size of the course should allow your guests to enjoy the rest of the food and drinks.
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