Checking the Efficacy of Movers Woodbridge VA before Booking a Service

Most of us have the need for removals at least once in a lifetime in terms of shifting a house or office etc. While planning for a shift, the first thought that comes across most of the first-timers is to plan and execute it by their own.

However, if you are new to removals, the first thing to consider is that it is not so easy to conduct a removal process on your own. It may sound simple when you take it as a whole, but when the phase of execution comes, there are hundreds of such things which may show up to trouble you.

So, it is essential to consider hiring a professional mover in terms of planning for a house shift or office relocation. There are plenty of such movers Woodbridge VA providers whom you can rely on in terms of planning relocation and removal. While doing so, there are a few important things you have to take into consideration to ensure the best possible service. Let’s discuss a few such important points to note.


Cost is the most important aspect to consider whenever we hire a service. But, it is not the only factor to consider. Extracting the cost vs. cost effectiveness is an expert task to execute. For this, you need to take into consideration the quality, safety, reliability, and experience of the providers and do the needed analysis.

Provided your most valuable possessions are driven off by total strangers during the time of a removal, you need to ensure that you can fully trust them. Different movers Woodbridge VA providers may give you totally unconnected quotes. However, if you see an estimate typically 50% lesser than another similar one, dig into the reasons why it is so. Most often, a quote extremely low may imply services which are desperate by being largely inexperienced.

Get estimates “binding not to exceed"

There are usually two types of estimates given by the movers as;
q  Binding
q  Non-binding.

Binding estimates are typical contracts, which bind on both the provider as well as the service taker. Non-binding are not contracts and provide those who move with limited rights. However, the mode of "binding not to exceed" will give a strong cap on the amount, which the provider can charge at the maximum until the user requests any additional services apart from what quoted.

The professional movers Woodbridge VA companies may offer you such a quote whereas the others may play fishy at this part. In case of removals, you need not have to compromise on your part to avail a service as there are plenty of providers in the industry competing to win business.

Avoid rogue movers

The Federal DOT (Department of Transportation) had released specific regulations and warnings to limit the trouble of rogue movers. The providers in this category usually quote a low estimate to win deals for moving. But, once the goods are on to their truck, they ask for exorbitant additional fees to release your goods.

You can note that such providers usually don’t agree to have an on-site inspection of your house, but just give an estimate over phone. These movers also don’t provide you with a copy of your ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ which is mandated by DOT.
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