Boy’s Know What Your Mom Never Told You About Gifting Flowers To Her

It’s pretty easy to joke on women and at same time it’s really tough to convince her. The right flowers at right time can easily met the most intricate girl. However, there are few things men should know about when gifting flowers. Explore it:

Right Time To Buy Flowers: How would you feel when your friend who never accompanied you in any of your activities but calls you when he wants something? Terrific and irritating, right? The same thing applies when you give flowers to a girl. Giving her flowers when you want something or at times when the things are tough, can be really annoying for her. I am not telling that you should not give flowers when she is upset, but send roses when she is happy and everything is perfect. Doing so will bring happy times just because of flowers. Later when you fight with her, giving flowers and recalling those happy times will surely give happiness and I call it Happy Times Rule. 

Here are few ways to gift happiness:
  • SORRY Accompanied With Flowers: Sorry when accompanied with flowers is just like cherry on cake. It will surely melt the girl’s temper and as discussed above it works best when following the Happy Times Principle.
  • Flowers For ‘No Reason’ : Random surprises are the best way to cheer up a girl’s mood. It’s most essential part of the Happy Times Principle. It’s a must to give your girl flowers at random occasions, for no reasons at least two to four times a year. To make it random you can give the flowers at least a week or two after any major function or big arguments.
  • Flowers Escorted On ‘Third Date’A new girl? Want to show that you are the real gentleman? All you need to do is take her out somewhere early morning and surprise her with a nice bouquet. Sounds corny, but it will surely impress her. Giving flowers works well on any date, not just the third date. However, now you would be thinking to gift flowers on the first date, right? Well, giving flowers on the first date make her feel as if you are a superhuman, which you are not. So avoid getting such unrealistic expectation on the first or second date.
  • Anniversary/Birthday: Flowers are an excellent way to tell that you care about your anniversary/birthday dates. Along with gifts flowers can add a charm to their day.
  • Make ‘The Next Morning’ Special : Finally she allowed you to do things last night you wanted to do since long time. You know, that you were begging her to let you do, but she never wanted you to do so, and still you kept asking about it and finally at last night she allowed you do it. Felt special and amazing? Make her feel the same and send beautiful flowers with a note telling “thank you”. Make such moments special with flowers and feel enhanced charm in your relation after such beautiful gestures.
  • Valentine’s Day:Valentine’s Day is quite evident day to gift flowers. In US, Valentine’s Day is a special day that came into existence because of flower companies who asked you to spend three to four times more than you usually spend on flowers. Well, you can always think to drop these flowers and go for something unique that is cheap even. Sending her lilies with fern leaves, a mixed bouquet, wildflowers etc can surely cheer her up. Know what she likes and accordingly give her flowers, if she puts flowers near the window..give her something bright or if she directly smells the flowers, give her the flowers that smells wonderful.
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