A trip to a pilgrimage site and a pristine hill station in one visit

When one plans a holiday, they normally choose one destination. But what if you can visit two totally different destinations for the price of one? Yes, a visit to the two places mentioned in the article will only need you to mention your time as both the places are extremely budget friendly and lie at a distance of only 150 kms.

How about you take a different holiday approach this season? A nice spiritually enlightening visit to the holy ancient city of Madurai and then a rejuvenating visit to one of the most pristine hill stations in south India, Munnar.

The vast spread of lush greeneries and unending tea plantations will definitely give you solace. You can visit Madurai first and then head to Munnar by boarding a Madurai to Munnar cab which will take you about roughly 4 hours as the distance between the two destinations is about just 150 kms.

Madurai is set in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the most established Indian city, also one of the oldest and a quintessential pilgrimage site. Getting its name from the perfect nectar that is accepted to have trickled from Shiva's tangled locks, Madurai is home to Meenakshi Temple, the site of one of the most stupendous heavenly wedding.

This is a quickly developing urban city - complete with its structures, shimmering streets and unending swarm of vacationers. In any case, it can't shake away the numerous myths and legends that together make Madurai. Its distinguishing strength is the Meenakshi Temple, any semblance of which you're unrealistic to discover. What's more, when you're remaining before it, you know precisely why.

Towering to around 160 ft, it appears to take you totally into its loftiness. In its beautiful, many-sided models and stories of its beginning, time appears to stop. It then doesn't offer that staggering a conversation starter with reference to why Shiva instituted his 64 divine plays here, why Meenakshi wedded him here and why Madurai will stay scratched at the forefront of your thoughts until the end of time.

Munnar is simply south India's most frequently visited and most loved hill station. Its distinguishing strength remains the lavish green tea homes that create a percentage of the world's finest teas. Munnar gets its name from the conjunction of the three waterways around which the town developed.

Today, it offers wonderful vistas, cardamom and flavor estates, fragrant oil manufacturing plants, sights of a few imperiled animal varieties and the purple-blue of the Neelakurinji blossoms that sprout like clockwork and are genuinely a display to observe! There will be much to do here - trek up the Anamudi Peak, which offers striking perspectives of the town, attempt your hand at some trout angling at Sita Devi Lake, hear your voice resonate in the mountains at Echo Point, relish newly fermented tea at the tea bequests, also, pretty much a great deal more. Frequented by honeymooners and cherished by families, Munnar's untainted settings let you do exactly what you need

The combination of these two visits will leave you spellbound and will make a perfect vacation which is both spiritually enlightening and a relaxing weekend you will remember for a long time!
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