Why wedding ring sets are the most important part of a wedding

While there are undeniably many components that go together to make up a wedding, the most crucial of all must be the rings that you exchange with your new spouse. After all, those rings are the very symbol of your love and devotion to one another and of the commitment you have made to love, honour and cherish the person standing in front of you. It is also a ring that starts off the whole marriage process, as a ring is given at the engagement to act as a promise of impending union. Since these rings are so weighted with significance, and since you are going to be wearing them for a long while, it is crucial that you choose the rings that make your heart sing and reflect the love you feel for one another.

But how to go about it? One easy way of selecting the rings you will exchange at your wedding is by using the engagement ring as a base. You will probably want to choose wedding rings that are very similar to the engagement ring so they will look right together. After all, you don't want to distract focus from your engagement ring, but nor do you want the engagement ring to outshine the wedding ring. These days, it is easy to get a bespoke ring ordered and to buy both engagement and wedding ring sets from many high-end jewellers dotted across the country. These jewellers can discuss with you in detail what kind of engagement or wedding you would like to have, and they can help you choose the right wedding ring to match or even design a new bespoke ring for you for that truly personalized touch.

When matching your rings, there are several things you will need to take into account. These include how the rings actually fit together. A prong set solitaire engagement ring might nestle comfortably against a normal straight wedding band, whereas a prong set princess cut diamond ring might not if the low setting of the diamond creates a gap between the two rings. You might even want to opt for a curved wedding band, depending on the cut of your engagement ring, as the two will then tuck in close beside each other and create an aesthetically appealing - and comfortable - fit.

When choosing the right rings to go together, you will also need to think about the colour. Are you happy with two gold or two silver, rings together, or are you happy to have one ring in silver or white gold and the other in gold? Do you want flat bands, domed bands or gently rounded bands? It's important that you choose what makes you happy. After all, exquisite engagement and wedding ring sets are truly some of the most important purchases you will ever make in your life as a couple, and their symbolism will shine back at you whenever you look down and see them sparkling on your finger.
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