What You Need to Know About Moving to New York

A job relocation or new career move to another city has its pluses and minuses. If the community is new or largely unknown to you, then you have much to consider in the days ahead. But if your move takes you to New York City, then you have at least some familiarity with America’s largest and most well-known city. Here’s what you need to know about moving to New York.

The Cost of Living is Very High

No doubt about it, the cost of living for New York is very high, among the highest in the western hemisphere. The city is an international port and the global home for the United Nations. It is also a leader in finances, publishing, and theater, making it a high-demand area for potential residents.

New Yorkers are keenly aware of the expense, which typically begins with housing. Yes, you can buy an apartment or a home in the city and face relatively reasonable property taxes. Still, home ownership costs or your rental expenses would be very high, as well as utilities, maintenance, food, transportation, you name it. If you can get along without a car, then you’re in better shape than those that own one.
Five Boroughs Compose the City

New York is not simply one city. It is an amalgamation of many towns and small cities, as well as five boroughs: New York (Manhattan), Queens, Kings (Brooklyn), Richmond (Staten Island), and The Bronx. In most movies, New York is represented by Manhattan, but more people live in Brooklyn and Queens than they do in Manhattan.

The outer boroughs — all four boroughs that aren’t Manhattan — are densely populated too, but Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn and Queens are more suburban. Manhattan dominates with high rises, Staten Island is chiefly composed of detached and duplex homes. The three remaining boroughs fall between the two. Housing prices can vary sharply across all five boroughs, based largely on access to Wall Street and Midtown Manhattan as well as community amenities and overall condition.

Moving Can Be Tricky

No matter how you decide to make your move, a relocation to New York can be especially challenging. Congestion is one thing, but you’ll also face tolls and fees when crossing from the New Jersey side to the city. Driving your own truck can be treacherous or relying upon some other service that isn’t a moving company.

If you choose the services of a moving company, especially one with a national reputation and experienced with New York City moves, they understand the ins and outs of the system explains the North American Moving Company. This includes parking where it is allowed, fees that may be incurred, and other challenges with moving into a thickly populated area.

Mass Transit and Foot Traffic Rock

If you end up in Manhattan, bus and subway service is excellent. There are also thousands of cabs roaming the streets of all five boroughs. Manhattan is the most pedestrian friendly of the five, but you need to be careful here — traffic moves at a brisk pace and you have to contend with cyclists and vehicular traffic both.

Most neighborhoods have ample shopping available, ranging chiefly from corner shops to a host of other services, including salons, restaurants, and markets. Larger stores are a subway stop or two away; entertainment is nearly everywhere but especially concentrated along Broadway.

New York, New York

Making a New York move requires careful planning. You may already have a job lined up and that is a good thing. Just make sure that the pay you receive offsets your increased costs. The benefits may be outstanding, but when it comes down to it, your discretionary spending matters the most.
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