What is an Online Time Clock and Should Your Business Use One?

If you are a manager or business owner, you understand the importance of a time clock. An online time clock is simply a time clock that is used on the internet. You will have to train your employees to log in through the internet when they begin working in the morning and to log out when they are finished for the day. The system will collect each log in and log out in the employee’s work history. The payroll administrator will then log in during the week and check of the record of log in and log outs for each employee. This will mark with precision the start and end time of every employee.

The nice thing about an online time clock is that if your employee forgets to log out as the payroll person you will log in every week in order to set up payment for your employee. This allows you to determine the time that they started and quit each day, so if a person does not log out, you will be able to adjust their time accordingly. The entire log in entries is maintained as part of the history, but will be able to be ignored when it comes to the payroll. The two significant entries for payroll purposes will be when they begin and when they finish.

An online time clock will allow you the ability to make adjustments to each employee’s time as well. The online time clock will allow you to adjust times for things such as lunch and other breaks that the employee takes during the work day. The payroll administrator will be able to note the adjustments in the log as well. This means that the online time clock is completely accurate in its records.

Additionally, if your company has its own intranet you will be able to use it for your online time clock. When an employee logs into the intranet of the company it will be recorded. The system will also keep track of the time an employee leaves for lunch and other breaks as well, giving you an accurate view of where your employees are and how long they are working.

Overall, the online time system is extremely accurate and beneficial for businesses of all types. There are several companies out there that provide some pretty robust solutions. Datamatics comes to mind as a pretty good solutions. You can check out a review of other options here.
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