Use PowerPoint to Wireframe Your Website Design

It really is a very smart idea to make a beginning with a wireframe when you are developing a new website. Wireframes are extremely useful because with their help it becomes far easier to instruct the web designers appropriately on the concept of the website design without getting bogged down in the specifics of the color scheme and elements of design at the very early stages of the project. Everyone concerned can easily come to a consensus regarding the basic page layout that takes into account aspects such as menus for navigation, footers, headers, areas demarked for content, and the placement of logos. The main intention of this exercise is to get a fix on the design so that there is no need to undertake any significant changes when the rest of the details are being put in place.

Getting all your web designers who are working on the project to get on to the same page can often be an excruciating process because usually everyone is not able to vocalize what they want unless they see some sort of a reference, and generating an endless progression of visuals can be quite expensive. To get some idea, it is like building a few hundred houses so that you can decide what you really like! The process can be effectively collapsed using online software tools of which a variety is available such asBalsamiq Mockups, Axure, MockFlow, etc., however PowerPoint, a familiar Microsoft product, can be equally effective.

Wireframing in PowerPoint – The Fundamental Advantages

According to many web designers, using PowerPoint to design the wireframe gives them more control on how they can lay out the various elements. The familiarity with the package also saves them a lot of time that would have been otherwise spent in learning the features of an unfamiliar wireframing tool. The task is made even easier with the large number or PowerPoint templates that are available on sites like

Wireframing in PowerPoint – Some Recommendations

When starting off, it is best to trawl the net and make out a list of all the items that would perhaps be need on the new website being designed. It is important to make detailed notes at this point of time so that you can develop a more detailed design strategy without getting confused. Using this technique, you can incorporate the best of design elements that you spot in other sites. For example, one site may have a good shopping cart, while another, a menu or even a blog page that is very attractive. Once the list has been created, you can go ahead and develop a website mockup using PowerPoint. It may be a very good idea to increase the size of the slides from the default setting so that you get more space to experiment with.

Constructing the Wireframe in PowerPoint

When you commence building the wireframe, you can copy/paste the screenshots of stuff that you have liked of other sites into the PowerPoint slides. You can also use many of the shapes and textboxes that the package makes available to lay out the items that you desire your website to have. Remember at this point of time aesthetics is not important because the exercise is all about communicating the basic layout of the website to your team. It is quite likely that you will end up with a PowerPoint file running into a large number of slides but let this not be a daunting factor as you really want to include all the elements that you feel would add value to best website designers in mumbai.

After using PowerPoint to wireframe the website, you end up with a really powerful tool that can be used not only for presenting the design concept to your team members but also to test the concept with typical users for finding out their reactions, all before writing a single line of code. It is only when you have managed to reach a general agreement with all the stakeholders, you should proceed for coding.

Author bio: Alexa Clifton is a senior web designer with extensive experience of developing websites for the non-for-profit sector. She manages to keep costs under control by using PowerPoint template resources from sites like
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