Top World-class Sneaker Designs for Women

There are many fabulous designs of women’s sneakers. They are colorful, made of various materials and fit in with various feminine fashion styles. You can get various styles of women's sneakers online. There are some that are designed for nights out and others are designed for athletic activities. Moreover, some are simply designed for everyday strolls.

You can get;

  • Lace-ups
  • High tops
  • Slip-ons
  • Athletic sneakers

Read on to learn about some of the hottest sneakers available.

1.      The classic high top sneaker

One of the sneakers that you can get at this online store is the classic high top black sneaker with gold trim. This is a classy sneaker that any lady would love to wear. It has a soft leather upper that is black in color and a black sole. It also has a gold chain around the upper as well as gold zips and eyelets. This superb sneaker is also available in a gold and white version with gold laces. This sneaker is currently available in wholesale. Get online and you can get 12 pairs of this adorable sneaker at discount prices.

2.     The Salamander sneaker

Another ideal sneaker that you can get on this website is the Salamander soft leather sneaker. Inspired by European style, this amazing sneaker is available in black and tan colors. It is a high top sneaker with a classy, minimalist style. The sole is white and the top can be black or tan. The eyelets are inspired by the style of hiking boots. As such, the Salamander wholesale sneakers are a mash up of classy and rugged. Get online and buy these sneakers for very affordable wholesale prices. You can get 12 pairs of this amazing sneaker per order.

3.      Blush sneakers

Coming through straight from the court, you can get the Blush women's sneakers in wholesale. These sneakers are inspired by the basketball high top sneaker design. The upper on this sneaker is made of two layers of material. The lower layer is made of felt, soft leather. The upper one is made of suede and is cut into interesting patterns that give the sneaker some street character. It is available in peach, black and two tone black and coal grey combination. You can also get it in light and dark gray combination. You can get 18 pairs of each color of these sneakers at wholesale prices.

4.      Retro sneakers

Nothing looks better than a retro sneaker on a woman's pretty feet. The retro is a low top sneaker with laces and the velcro too. The upper part of the sneaker is made of two layers of fabric. The lower layer has a camouflage design on it. The upper layer is done in various colors. The velcro strap gives this amazing sneaker amazing character. Get online and buy 12 pairs of this sneaker at wholesale prices.


You can get some amazing sneakers for women online. They have world-class brands available for you. You can buy them in retail or wholesale. Don’t be shy, get online and buy some sneakers today!

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