The New Ways to Style Men Denims

Jeans are a wardrobe’s best friend!They are comfortable, stylish and can transform any outfit with perfection. Their importance is even more for men who want to keep it simple and stylish all the time. Contrary to the belief, there are many unique ways in which a man can style his jean without following the fashion rules.
Let’s begin this incredible men jeans styling marathon. 

·         Light Jean with Sports’ Coat

A man’s denim jeans doesn’t need to be used casually, it can also be paired with a good blazer that will make everything look classy and formal. There are many occasions where you have to choose between dressing up formally or casually, but with this combo of jean and blazer, you can easily keep it low key as well as within the dress code. 

·         Dark Trouser with Lightweight Blazer

This is a timeless summer look that will just keep you stylish and classy as ever. Look for a light-colored blazer that has sharp stitching and only two buttons in the front. Whether you want to attend a casual event or a nautical one, you can never go wrong with this look. 

·         Grey Jeans with Dark Shirt

The importance of grey jeans is underrated as many men prefer the classic blue color. Buy beautiful grey colored jeans that are more towards the lighter side and then pair it up with a dark colored shirt, preferably maroon. This combination requires very little help from the accessories and you can easily make it rock in any party or a casual get together. But it will go well with many shirts online India.

·         Dark Blue Jean with White Shirt

Well, this one is a classic! Remember that famous James Bond looks with a simple blue jean, white shirt and gladiators? You can also look like a million bucks by combining your white shirt with your blue jean. Button it down from the front and let the fashion ooze out of you. 

·         Black Jean with a Vest

It becomes difficult to look different when you’re attending a formal event. The basic dress code is same, but you can experiment with it a little. If you’re someone who is fit and want to showoff his physique, then wear a black jean with a grey shirt and black vest, and be prepared for all the attention. 

·         Rugged Jean with Biker’s Jacket

There is nothing like cruising around in a biker jacket with rugged jean and shoes. This is the ultimate gangster and, cool look, which you can support with a simple combination of these two items. Keep the accessorizing to the minimum and be comfortable and stylish all day long. 

There are many jeans to buy online, but only a few companies like American Swan’s collection that is truly remarkable and comes with a guarantee of quality. Pick up your favorite piece and match it with your loved jacket, to create the perfect look that will make head turns.

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