Jonathan Bunge – An Individual With Many Passions

There are people who are very busy but they do not come home to eat and sleep. They hoard a number of passionate interests and believe in giving them priority as well. The nature of their work may be very tiring and exhaustive but they still have the energy and the zeal to follow their passion. Jonathan Bunge is such an amazing person. He has a hectic schedule and needs to travel miles on a regular basis. However, this never takes a toll on his mind and body. He loves every minute of his work and all the interests he is fond of too. 

The diverse interests of Jonathan are football, travel, tattoos and sports. Jonathan Bunge is a passionate lover of football and inspires many with his innate knowledge of the game. He also encourages kids to start playing this excellent game where the skills of team work and co-ordination are taught in a unique way. He hails from Cleveland Ohio and is in the transportation business. He never fails to watch and keep track of football news. He loves the game so much that many people come to him to know the latest updates. His favorite team is Cleveland Browns and he never misses a match played by them.

When he is not traveling, he loves to spend time at home and catch up with the latest events and news on his favorite team Cleveland Browns. His passion does not end here. He is in the transport business and needs to travel long distances regularly. He has an extensive knowledge of vehicles as well. He has driven many of them including tankers, triples, flatbed and also transported hazardous materials to the preferred destination very safely. He is deeply respected in the transport sector and loved by his clients and peers.

This multi-talented individual also has another feather to his cap. He has his own blog where he shares his thoughts and loves to write. He has an excellent flair for writing and his topics are really interesting reads. As he is regularly out on the road for work, he cannot write as frequently as he wants. He always starts blogging the moment he is at home and has time. His favorite topics to write on are of course football, sports, tattoos and his experiences with the road. 

His readers love his posts as they are straight from the heart. The blogs that he writes are so simple and easy. He gives his readers valuable insights about football and his other areas of interests. When it comes to the game, he writes about it passionately. The language is lucid and there is a lot of valuable information that is shared with readers. Jonathan Bunge has an extensive knowledge on all the interests he loves. His readers and everyone who knows him really admire his zeal to share his passions with them and also give them valuable information in simple understandable language. He is surely a gifted writer and loves to share his thoughts with his readers.
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