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Samsung is getting down with major plans to launch Galaxy S8, which is a smartphone.There are plans to release it earlier than expected. It is anticipated that we will see it in earliest April 2017, but still release date of Galaxy S8 is not fixed yet. Moreover news suggests that the Koreans manufacturer are planning to launch their products of Smartphone’s sooner than expected.

The S7 is the one standing in the way of the S8 release S7 is the lineup for launch in 2017.Galaxy S8 launch is the best news for Samsung, for the manufacturer this put them in a good position in business. The competition is going to be high for Galaxy S8; it will not be a free ride LG will bring in the stiff competition they will be launching LG Flex 4 and LG G6 all this will be happening over the same period.

It is also possible that Korean can unveil the GS8 IN 2017 at the consumer show. Though the waiting may be a little bit longer with LG also planning to release the new Flex4.Galaxy S8 mighty come with the best features like waterproof with many people enjoying the waterproof feature. Consumers cannot wait for the arrival of the Galaxy S8 to finally find its way to the market.

Time passes quickly and technology development is following the same steps. Samsung, one of the well known companies, with the best products in market, is expected to bring an innovation of Galaxy Series Smartphone called Samsung Galaxy S8. 

With an astounding Ram of 8Gb   you will soon hold all your documents and folders in a sup thin cell phone. And we have not less to say about its processor. It is said to be the first android cell running on 64bit. And to make the speed fuller, there will be a 3.5 Ghz power. For sure, it will make the handling easier and faster.

Another magical detail is its infrared sensors that will be there. There are rumors about these sensors that they will measure our body temperature. Sony is also planning for same and at the time of announcement of release date of Xperia Z6, they will reveal features too.

One of most needed options is camera .And you who are obsessed to photo,just get ready and wait for the most amazing invention of Samsung,the full Hd camera on 35 megapixel. Was that a dream? Not anymore! Samsung is going to make your wishes come true. Highlighting that this 35  megapixel will be just at the back. Moreover there will be a 12 MP camera at the front. Alao its Gigapixel  will help in a more exactness shooting of your portrait.

Galaxy s8 is a bridge to happiness, where are you go, you can share your position your moments, and your feeling, you can involve all your networks in your life, sharing with all your friends all your special moments, making to them feel the same, and when you explore your networks here you shall be transported to another time and place also.

The galaxy s8 is coming, you have to wait for this, and you cannot miss the bridge to happiness.
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