What’s the point of flavoured condoms?

It is a very good question in fact. These regular condoms are nothing special but the flavoured coating. In other words, flavoured condoms are regular latex condoms with a flavour. Have you ever tasted a dentist’s glove on your mouth? If so, you might know the exact taste of the latex. This is exactly where the flavoured condoms are extremely useful. When you intend to have oral sex, flavoured condoms are useful as they can generate a pleasant experience for the giver. These condoms are flavoured with different tastes. It can vary from strawberry to chocolate to cola. All these flavours are tested and verified for human beings.

However, one might ask why you should use condoms during oral sex. Most of the people think that you should use condoms only during anal or vaginal penetration. They believe that the Sexually Transmitted Diseases are exchanged only with those penetrations. However, it is a wrong belief. Because the bodily fluids like semen, blood and vaginal fluid can be exchanged with the STDs and STIs even during the oral sex acts. In fact, when you engage in oral sex, with someone already has an infection,the chances of getting infected are high.

However, there are four ways to get STIs or STDs:
·         Blood
·         Skin to skin contact
·         Sexual fluids (vaginal fluids and semen)
·         Mother to child

In case you engage in oral sex, there are chances to contact yourself with someone else’s blood, sexual fluid and skin. These chances are high, as you understand precisely.These fluids may contain STIs or STDs. However, there is a good news for you. Although these are mediums for STDs and STIs, there are ways to prevent them getting contacted with you even during a sexual act. That is by using a condom. When you wear a condom on penis during oral sex, it remarkably reduces the risk of transmitting STIs. On the other hand, if your oral sex session is carried out on the vagina or anus, you should try a different method. In such scenarios you will have to use a dental dam to reduce the risks. Usually condoms and dental dams are available at the related clinics. If you need, you can buy them from the local pharmacy over the counter without any hesitation. If not, you can make your own dental dam at home just by cutting a regular male condom.

When it comes to flavoured condoms, it is better to avoid flavoured condoms during anal or vaginal penetration. That is because the artificial flavouring on the condom may contain sugar and other chemicals in it and may lead to some sort of infections in the vagina. Therefore, the wisest thing to do is just use a regular condom for anal and vaginal penetrations sessions.

At the bottom line, you should remember to wear a condom despite of the type of the sex you have. The risks of infections can be remarkably reduced with this simple and affordable step.
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