Top 5 Maintenance Management Software Companies

Maintenance management software assists maintenance teams with tracking all available assets, drawing up schedules, and keeping a record of all the work performed. Because of the amount of important maintenance required in today’s high-tech production facilities, it’s cumbersome to keep track of it without comprehensive scheduling software. Very few plants of any kind use only in-house personnel to handle routine or emergency maintenance duties, and that increases the complexity of management.

Maintenance management software companies have made tracking day-to-day and emergency tasks easier than ever, and the market for software suppliers is growing rapidly. We’ve chosen the Top 5 vendors for maintenance management software in the industry today.

Users prefer CSOne web-based management software to its competitors because it makes it easy to keep track of maintenance and repair service providers separately. Contract management with regular vendors for maintenance duties is often tracked separately from emergency repairs and new infrastructure fit-outs in facilities maintenance budgets, and programs like CSOne make it super simple to break their individual costs out during budgeting sessions. Full GPS integration makes tracking available technicians easy, and saves time and effort.

Maintenance Connection Software

Maintenance Connection is a Software-as-a-Service system. It’s useful for almost any industry, but it’s a favorite of healthcare companies, utilities, warehouses, and government agencies at multiple levels. It pays special attention to the lifecycles of particular assets. In settings where faultless operation is necessary, managers must make decisions on retiring systems before they begin to break down from overuse. Keeping detailed maintenance and repair logs is vital to planning end-of-useful life decisions, and Maintenance Connection Software makes it easy.

School Dude

As maintenance management software becomes essential for all types of facilities, software developers are bringing more specialized suites to the market for particular sectors. Public and private schools need maintenance software that effectively manages their complex facilities, and School Dude is one of the most popular choices in the industry. School Dude handles systems common to educational facilities like building automation, energy conservation programs, and hygienic maintenance protocols, including food service if necessary. It’s a popular choice in the United States as well as in Asia and Europe, and users love its ability to scale from a one-room schoolhouse to a university setting.


Hippo’s suite of maintenance management software is especially useful for managers that need to find and track a lot of outside vendors. The software integrates well with the Fixxbook database that lists tens of thousands of contractors, and it tracks metrics like work order status and subcontractor performance in real time. Managers on the go will appreciate its seamless integration with mobile devices.


When you’re shopping around for the right maintenance management software, you can easily become overwhelmed by the learning curve of many of the programs. If you have a lot of personnel to train, or high turnover, many software suites can quickly become more trouble than they’re worth. Pulse offers an innovative, tiered system for their maintenance software instead of a one-size-fits-all program. It also allows customers to choose between purchasing the suite outright or paying on an annual subscription, and also has both cloud and local versions.
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