The 4 best Free Facebook practices to Increase Facebook Likes

Facebook growing very fast and it is a big place for those people who want to promote their brands. But for a small business paid advertisement is very expensive. If you want to boost ads of your business for reach to gain fans that is good strategy but it may not relevant if you are promoting your page. Facebook has 1 billion plus active users monthly basis but some business find some free and fast way before plunging into the platform’s paid promotions.

If you are finding solutions to your facebook promotions issues, then look forward more in this article. I will explain in detail some of the very important and effective tactics that you can apply in your social media strategy to increase facebook likes on your fanpage in limited sources.  

Make a beautiful profile 

Nobody would like to become fan of your page if you have incomplete page. 


If you have decided to promote your page with the help of social media networks then you make strategy to up-to-date your profile in proper way. You should give all possible details about your business and if you have website of your business then put in your profile. In Facebook you can upload best profile photo and cover photos of your business get you started. Complete all about section visitor can easily understand about your business. 

These few factors you should keep in mind when you completing your facebook page. For new businesses is difficult to get fans in start, you need to gain fans on your page before promotion of your page. You can buy facebook likes from smmpoint or other registered companies. This is only fast way to get more facebook likes on your page.  

Link to your Facebook Page on your site or blog 

Very common strategy to get real facebook likes if you plugin facebook like box in your blog or site. The key is very simple for organic visitors to follow you on Facebook from your blog or site. 

You can place like button in header, top sidebar, and other areas above the fold where you feel your visitor to like your page from here. 

You can also use a pop-up box like SumoMe or HelloBar so visitors will clearly see that you want them to like your Facebook page. 

There are many unique way to get real facebook likes, you can put link your fanpage in newsletters and digital assets ( white papers, ebooks) to name a few.  

Curate awesome content 

Without proper and user friendly content you cannot expect to get more facebook likes on you page.  

You should share valuable content with your audience and no need to put link immediately in your content, first you need to make viral your post between your audience and force them to share your post when you see get good quantity of shares on your post now time to add link your blog or site, this strategy will help to increase traffic on your website. 
If you share only link of your blog or fanpage no chances to get more interest your audience. The common purpose to content curation is to build trust and authority in your niche. By posting high quality and unique content on your facebook page, you can gain get trust of your audience.

Create Engagement 
After getting good quantity of fans on your page now need to make stable on your page need to create Engagement with your audience. Never try to promote your product immediately on your page and don’t try to share same post every day. Share some quotes and videos that can be funny, lessons. You should conversation with your audience and like their comments and if they are posting something good also like their post. This habit can help to get more facebook likes on your page. 
If your fans ask you some question about your brands, you should tell about your product clearly and don’t try to scam with people otherwise you’ll lose your trust.
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