Opt For 2 Bedroom Granny Flat- Ideal for Families, Bachelors And Couples

A Granny flat is a linked property. This additional accommodation can be used for various reasons such as housing the members of the household including students, elders or as an investment prospect. Granny flat is based on the basic principle viz it is constructed either in combination with the house or is completely detached from the house. If you have a tight budget then you can opt for a single room, and for buying these granny flats, you require civic body permission and also a certificate of construction from a competent authority.

The requirements that govern the construction of a Granny Flat are:

  • There can be a maximum of one Granny Flat and one house
  • The maximum area used should not exceed 60 square meters or as per the guidelines of the local government plan
  • There is no subdivision of the complete set
  • The Granny flat must fulfill the planning controls set by the particular state for instance open space etc.

2 Bedroom Flats are perfect for the people above 50’s looking to travel or relax. These new home owners enjoy this low maintenance accommodation after coming back from travelling and enjoying their retirement. There are number of companies dealing with 2 bedroom flats. Their home designs are fully customizable and their design team work closely with the individuals to create a perfect home. One can choose wide variety of floor coverings, paints, laminations, outdoors finishes and fa├žade options as per their lifestyle.

 Tips to keep in mind when building a 2 bedroom granny flat:

1) Budget decision:  Decide your budget first and then decide the builder. The budget decision will help you to identify the appropriate builder as per your requirement. Thus, you won’t waste your time unreasonably. You can also check out with the banks providing granny flat finance.
2) Tiny or a large granny flat: Next step is to decide which type of flat you want to build that is a small or a large granny flat.
3) Browse for designs:  Consult builders while looking for the designs. They will be able to guide you well and may generate some different designs.
4) Ask for a quote:  Request for a fixed quote including building and designing fee from the selected builder.
5) Select a builder:  Once the design, style and color are selected, an ideal builder is required to be chosen. Choose a builder once you get to know the quote for a particular design. You can search from different online portals to get an idea how to build and buy proper granny flats with an open area.

 Pointers to keep in mind while discussing 2 bedroom granny flat designs
1) Room spacing: The granny flat designs come up with interesting concepts. Proper planning is required for a granny flat with two bedrooms and limited space. Always include elder people in your discussion as their inputs help the professionals in understanding their requirements. Old people would want a front porch in their home or they would prefer a big bedroom and small sitting room.

2) Electrical fixtures: The first and foremost pre requisite is the light. The house should have good light not only during the day time but also at night. The builders need to be informed about such things. There is a difference in the lighting patterns in different rooms in case of 2 bedroom granny flats. Thus, proper lighting in various corners of the home is required. Lights should be easily accessible that is switches should not be difficult to locate. Ensure that the cabling is pre planned so that everything in the house is safe.

Apart from these facts, you must remember that each safety requirement including latches, burglar alarms, safety locks etc. should be properly discussed with the builder.

There are many online home dealers who deal with 2 bedroom granny flat, and whether you buy a resold one, or a new granny flat, you must keep in mind the carpet area and the overall space that you require.
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