Making Sure Your Trade Show Booth is the Most Awesome It Can Be

When it’s time to set up shop at the trade show, you have many things on your plate.  You don’t have to be told how important it is to be there and aware and at the top of your game.  That means no late nights drinking and getting wasted right before.  It means good night sleeps and just being on your toes and really preparing as best you can for everything.  You can prepare all you want and you can get all your ducks in a row and have all the nights sleep that you need, but if you get there and your booth itself is anything but amazing you’re basically wasting your time and mine.  And I’m not someone who likes my time to be wasted.  So if you are ready to hit the trade show like a winner, here are some tips to make sure your booth is the best it can be.

Hire Hot Attendants for the Booth

When you are a at a show and are walking around trying to decide where to go and spend your time, are you going to hit up the booth with the old fat balding guy who is no doubt going to talk your ear off and bore you and tell you too much stuff that you don’t care about, or are you going to go to the booth where you can flirt with some attractive ladies.  Now, of course you know there’s no chance of anything more than flirting, but that’s ok, you’re married and that’s not what this is for.  But the point is you’ll get to flirt and have fun talking to them while learning about boring products.  So if you are in the position of having a booth, make sure the people at the booth are young and attractive as opposed to old and ugly.

Great Signage

You also will want to focus some resources on good signage.  Anyone can just print out a big piece of paper with your logo on it, but if it looks like an amateur made it, that’s what people are going to take away from the whole situation.  You’ll want to get some really nice signs, and keep in mind if you spend some money on them, you’ll be able to reuse them so the cost per show actually goes down considerably.  You should invest in a hangingbanner display, the kind that they sell on a website like, and make a really nice sign that will show the trade show attendees that you mean business and are a booth to definitely check out.  You’ll be so happy with the results you can achieve immediately.

These simple tips are all you really need to know.  All the preparation in the world is going to help, but not nearly as much as making sure that booth attracts people both through signage and with people who others will want to talk to.  Hot women sell, and that’s a fact that people have known for ever and ever so stop trying to fight it.
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