Improve Productivity in Business

Debates on how to improve productivity in business will inevitably spread to a number of different areas, depending on one’s position and role within a business, all equally important though. Thus, as an employee, improved productivity can get you promoted, while as a business leader, it can help you manage your business numbers more efficiently and effectively. Either way, the key lies in a stimulating and flexible work environment.

Improving personal  productivity

Naturally, you as an individual are just as important a factor in this equation of business productivity as anyone else. In other words, you need to make adjustments in your daily work routine, thus setting an example to be followed by the others as well. A first secret to stimulate work is to set deadlines and inform your employees of them. However, imposing a stricter schedule does not mean eliminating breaks from your work routine. Experts agree that you are more likely to achieve the highest productivity levels by working in ninety-minute intervals and therefore taking breaks regularly. In the same context, you should also remember the two-minute rule, according to which you should always complete those tasks that require up to two minutes of your time right away. Thus, you can tick off items on your to-do list very efficiently. Other tasks you can delegate to your employees or even handle yourself while on your way home, for instance. Also, it is very important that you do not allow yourself to get distracted, whether by little everyday things or even unimportant meetings.

Improving company productivity

As a business owner, there are two things you should focus on when looking for ways to improve company productivity. They are improving technology productivity and boosting employee productivity as well.

As far as the technological aspect is concerned, you want to invest in technology that requires minimal time and effort resources. Otherwise, it will not serve its purpose, which is to allow increased efficiency and time savings to be achieved. This leads to the importance of employees having the appropriate technological equipment and means at their disposal to do their work efficiently, whether at their workplace, while commuting or in between meetings. These include laptops, smartphones, tablets, sync programs, collaborative technology or The Cloud technology, among many others. Also, you might want to use task-specific programs rather than generalised ones for they have proven to deliver better results in terms of productivity. 

As for your employees, their increased productivity is conditioned by your providing them with the necessary tools to achieve it as well as by their proper training. Therefore, do not hesitate to invest in high-quality training programs, like coaching for executives, for instance, and thus enable your employees to expand their knowledge and improve their skill so as to serve your business more efficiently. Of course, it is equally important that you motivate them properly by allowing them flexible hours, praising them or giving them ownership of the work they have done for your business, for instance.

In the end, improved productivity in business is the result of combined efforts, starting with yours as a working individual and continuing with those of your employees, which are determined by your actions as a business owners and your commitment to improving your company productivity.
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