HTC One M10 : What are the expectations from it

The smartphone has turned to be the biggest trend of this generation and with the increasing demand, the competition of the market is getting tougher time to time. The persons who love to use smartphone must be familiar with the name of HTC. 

HTC is getting one by one step stirring to triumph in smartphone arena. With the release of One M series, HTC creates a trademark as an efficient smartphone provider.  The first One M was launched in 2013 and now we have HTC One M9 in our hand. The next and most rumored phone of HTC is HTC One M10 which more probably is going to introduce in next year.

As we specified overhead that HTC come to fame with the publication of HTC One and this journey has reached now at HTC ONE M10. There is no certified announcement of the company on the publication day or time but many rumors are working regarding its release. But according to the previous year’s release, one can definitely say the most probable time of its release.

Just has a gaze at the earlier introductions :-

HTC One / One M7 –March 2013
HTC One M8 March 2014
HTC One M9 –2015

From the above list, it can surely say that HTC is going to release its next edition in March 2016. HTC every time carries something state-of-the-art and very effectual. So the smartphone admires have to wait a little more to experience a much improved and advanced smartphone than previous. 

The specs of HTC One M10 are whispered to be more dominant than the former one. Many reports are flying about its stipulations but no one can say what HTC is going to cater this time with its brand new HTC One M10. Some of rumors are -:

·         As per the freshbuzz Report, It is being appraised that comparable the One plus Two successor, HTC One M10 is all fixed to obligate wireless charging. 
·         The look of M9 was just startling. It was one of the finestviewing phones around. So everyone is expecting this edition with more eye-catching look and colors than earlier one.
·         After Apple, Samsung, HTC is planning to launch its new HTC One M10 with a better fingerprint scanner. As the competition is tougher in market, HTC is desired to arrive with such facilities this time.
·         It is expected from HTC to offer 64 GB/128GB internal memory with One M10. If it happens, then HTC will cross a new line in smartphone technology. 
·         27MP camera for front and back
·         3500 mAh Battery stamina
·         2K/4K Resolution
·         4GB RAM
·         Qualcomm 82X with 3.X GHz Octa-core processor
·         Double SIM Provision
·         Super AMOLED Display
·         Heart BeatMeasuring gadgets
·         Trace ID Scanner
HTC One M10 Price

The price range of smartphones in present market is never to be too low and so expected form HTC’s latest edition. It definitely will not arrive with a pocket-fitting price. But still there is no particular price announcement for its pricing nowadays. So everyone are just waiting for its official publication which can give a clear knowledge about its specs, price and release.
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