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Wedding can be considered as a new phase of life for both the bride and groom. It is the day when you want to look your best. Specially, the women require a lot of planning before choosing their wedding sarees and jewellery. Here are some tips that can help you for planning for the big day: 

Plan within Budget: Budget is a very important factor when you buy sarees online. You should decide your budget at least 2 or 3 months before your big day. This will help you to browse through the latest designs and the current trends during your wedding season.

Color:  When you are choosing your wedding saree, color plays a very crucial role. You must choose the color according to your body complexion so that you look bright and gorgeous. Though red and pink color goes very well for wedding, you can also choose other colors that suit your skin complexion. You can go for any bright colored saree if you possess a fair complexion. In case of dark complexion, you should go for darker shades that will make you look fairer as well as slimmer. You must ensure that the colors are not overshadowing your jewelry because they hold their significance too. 

Design: Whether you want to go with heavy designs or light comfortable ones, it is entirely your personal choice. When you buy designer sarees online, you should check the details of the embroidery and embellishments and whether you will be comfortable with them or not. Dazzling designs and heavy sarees do not go well with dark complexions.

Fabric: If you are not choosing the right fabric, you may end up buying a saree that may make you more bulky than you actually are. Silk can be considered as a preferred choice for most of the bridal sarees. As you require carrying the saree for long ritual hours, fabric must be comfortable. The fabric should be chosen keeping in mind that the saree does not get messed up within few hours. As silk sarees are generally expensive, you can also go for brocade or chiffon according to your preference.

Culture and Occasion: You can choose your saree by following your traditional culture. You can wear different sarees in different rituals during your wedding. There can be some pre wedding and post wedding rituals where you can wear sarees of different color and fabric. These sarees may not be so heavy and gorgeous like the one you will wear during wedding. But as those occasions are significant too, you are required to be dressed up with elegant sarees that can give you a stunning look throughout the occasions.

Window Shopping: When you have decided the color and fabric of your wedding saree, you can go out for some window shopping. Your family members or friends can accompany you for deciding the ideal bridal saree for your own. You can visit different shops and compare their prices and return to your home. Try window shopping for a few days and then decide the final saree according to your preference and budget.

Saree Designers: When you are preparing to buy your saree, you may consult some designers and see if their customization suits your budget or not. If your budget goes only a little high than the readymade pieces, you can definitely go for the designer ones to bring up your grace. If it is way too high, you can settle down with the readymade saree.

Whatever you choose, never take your decisions in a hurry. Plan properly, browse by taking enough time and then decide your wedding saree for your big day!

Derek Stewart is a well known fashion designer. You can buy sarees online or browse through the designer sarees online in his website. In this article, he is providing some useful tips to select the bridal saree.
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