Do You Want To Know All About The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7?

Do you also want to know about the upcoming model, Galaxy S7? Well, we understand your eagerness. Hence, we have attempted here, to acquire all the data relate to this fantastic Smartphone collected though the internet rumors, latest news, experts’ predictions and our own knowledge and experience.

So let’s know the amazing Galaxy S7:

Date of releasing:

Well, you might think that it is obvious to ascertain the date of release of Samsung products, i.e. in March around the MWC Festival for Barcelona. However, we have news from a South Korean Publication, News is, that it would be released two or three month ahead of the planned date. This indicates its release at the end of 2015, but it is quite improbable as indicated by the Samsung marketing department.

Expected price:

Again, price is something very debatable as normally disclosure of the price is not allowed before its release, and we are actually able to get information about the price from our retailers. As the price of Galaxy S6 was 599, we can expect it little hike in it. Therefore, the price of Galaxy S7 would be close of 649 pound, provided it doesn’t have curved edge. 

Design and Build

It seems that Since the Release of Galaxy S6, Samsung has finally decided upon the flagship design, made from the combination of steel and glass. The new model is likely to be a gorgeous one on which the people would not min d spending much! 

The chances are of getting Turtle Glass in place of Gorilla Glass this time. 

The USB Type C is quite probable. 

Processor, Memory and Storage

People are discussing that Samsung might have its own processor instead of Qualcomm. However, same mobile has indicated the testing of Snapdragon 820 for the Galaxy S7, which might be about 35% improved than the Snapdragon 810. It would possibly have Adriano 530 graphics and LP-DDR4 RAM.

The internal storage could be 32GB, just like Galaxy S6. The memory is likely to be of 4GB.Though, we don’t know about the micro Sd slot, yet the changes are expected in it.


The screen could be of 5.1in, similar to that in Galaxy S5 and S6. It could have similar AMOLED technology. 

It may come with 4K or Ultra HD (2160 x 3840).

Extra specifications

It may have fingerprint scanner, along with the previous ones; heart rate monitor and IR blaster (which is meant for controlling the devices at home).


The Galaxy S7 can have a huge 30Mp camera. This is not quite unlikely, but it is bit difficult to comment on it at this stage. The currently used 16Mp sensor is likely to be continued in the latest model. Optical image stabiles action could be better.


Android M would be definitely preloaded in the new handset. Touch Wiz could also be there.
We hope you are able to get a picture about the amazing Galaxy S7. Keep visiting for getting more information.
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