7 Ways to a Successful Move

Making a move is a big deal and getting it done in short order isn’t always so easy. In fact, you may be so pressed for time that things begin to slip through the cracks. If that happens, you may encounter trouble — what can derail your plans. The following are seven ways to help you make a successful move.

1. Get Organized. People who are organized are in the best shape when it comes to moving. You don’t have much to worry about if you have all your paperwork in order and a planner to help you stay organized. Loose ends will pop up, but they’ll be quickly tied once they appear. Stay on top of things and when problems arise you’ll be better suited to combat them effectively.

2. Ask for Help. You cannot possibly do everything by yourself. Enlist the help of your spouse and children as you plan your move. Ask friends and family to help too. Reach out to the professionals to get the job done as well. If you are selling your home, a top notch real estate agent is a must. Other professionals to tap include a landscape company to maintain your yard, your accountant to ensure that your financially fit to make a move, and home cleaning company to step in once the movers have left.

3. Contact the Moving Companies. Licensed movers are the people you want to contact when making your move. These individuals should come to your home and provide binding estimates for your comparison. Always get at least three estimates and ask for licensing and bonding information. Ask for references, check them, and once you make a decision, then contact the moving services company to finalize your plans, including your moving date.

4. Assemble Your Paperwork. There will be a lot of paperwork coming in and going out. You need to collect school records and also assemble documents pertaining to dental, physician and veterinarian care. Notify these practitioners early on about your pending move. It can take weeks for papers to be copied and made available for pick up.

5. Find a New Place. Do you have a place to live yet? If not, you need to travel to your new city to look for a home. This means contacting a real estate company for assistance. The agent selling your home can help here by giving recommendations. Explain to the agent your needs, make an appointment to see the agent, then travel. In just a few days she will show you a number of homes in a variety of neighborhoods for your selection. If you find one that pleases everyone, then make your offer. Seal the deal when you are ready.

6. Sell Your Home. At the same time that you’re buying a home, you’re selling your home. There may be a contingency in place too — that means you won’t buy the new home until your current home sells. Work closely with your home’s agent to market the home. Do what it takes to showcase your home and stage it. A competitive price from the onset will attract bids, especially if your home is move-in ready. Entertain offers and choose the one that will work best for you.

7. Make Your Move. You’ll be decluttering, holding a moving sale, donating items, packing, and assembling paperwork over the weeks before your move. Keep the process going and tap your network of family and friends to help out. A packing party can expedite the process as can relying on friends to watch your children. You’re nearing the end of it all and your move is in sight. When the movers arrive, make your move and head out.

Moving Considerations

Give yourself some time to transition from your old home to the new home. If time permits, enjoy some sites on the way out if you are driving. If you are flying, take a day or two to enjoy the new city. Soon, the movers will arrive at your new home and you’ll be ready to unpack, settle in and get on with your lives.
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