6 Tips To Ensure You Pick The Right Running Watch

Once you become serious about fitness and running in particular you know it is time to purchase the proper running clothes, shoes and a running watch. Every item of clothing is a matter of personal taste; you have to feel comfortable in it just as the clothes must be comfortable. Choosing a running watch can be particularly difficult as there is a huge range of watches on the market at a wide range of prices. The following tips will ensure you choose the right running watch.

1.            Screen Size
This will also affect the size of the watch and is an important consideration. Smaller watches will tend to be more comfortable, but, this may make it more difficult to see the screen when running. Choose a watch that is comfortable and able to display just the information you are interested in; the rest of the data can be reviewed after your run.

2.            Material
The greater the distance you run the more likely you will be to sweat and this can affect your watch. Moisture from your skin should not be an issue to any running watch but if the strap is plastic it may start to slip as you sweat. This could cause an injury or skin issue. Straps need to be breathable and comfortable.

3.            Features
One of the most important parts of any running watch is what is does. Most will record distance travelled, time taken, average speed and even calories burnt. However, some watches will provide more than this basic information and it is essential to decide which information is important to you and which you can live without. Don’t forget to think about your potential future needs as well!

4.            GPS
Many of the running watches on the market today feature GPS. This feature will provide you with the ability to track your runs, where you have been and the elevations. Many of these are now also linked to heart rate monitors and can provide a very detailed analysis of your run, including your running style and tips for improvement! The question is whether the GPS function is important to you.

5.            Reviews
Like most products there are now an abundance of people who are prepared to offer their opinions regarding how well something works. Running watches are no different, there are many business sites, such as educarelab.com, which will review the latest watches and provide honest information on the pros and cons of each watch tested. It is well worth checking these reviews to establish how well the watch you like performs when actually used.

6.            Ease of Use
It is essential that the watch be laid out so that it is easy to use, even when running. You do not need to be distracted by fumbling for a button to confirm the distance you have covered or whether you are in the cardio zone. Test the watches before you purchase it to ensure it can be operated easily while on the move. Part of this analysis should include how easily the data can be loaded onto a computer and manipulated to review historical performance. It can also be a good idea to check what accessories are compatible with the running watch; this may make a difference to your purchase.
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