Top 5 Slip And Fall Law Firms In Ohio

In Ohio, not every personal injury accident requires a lawyer. For instance, if you’re injured on the job, and you’re covered by workmen’s compensation, the amount of money you’re entitled to might be fixed, and seeking out a lawyer might not be worth the effort. Of course in any case where there is negligence, a lawyer’s opinion is very valuable. Minor car accidents are another example where a personal injury lawyer might not be able to increase the payout that auto insurance will provide without litigation.

That’s not the case with slip and fall cases. If you’re injured in a slip and fall accident, you may have a very difficult time determining exactly how much liability a property owner might have. Also, without a legal representative, you’re unlikely to get very far with the insurers that ultimately are responsible for paying for your injuries, pain, and suffering. A consultation with a slip and fall law firm is a must if you have an accident and suffer an injury or a loss.

If you’re in doubt about who’s at fault in an accident, it still pays to contact a slip and fall law firm to safeguard your rights. Many legal disputes are easy for a layperson to understand, but slip and fall cases are simply too complex for the average person to understand fully without the help of a qualified attorney. A slip and fall law firm will be fully trained and experienced in accurately determining who has the liability in an accident, and how much damages are at stake. Both of these facets of a slip and fall case are governed by a host of Ohio laws, and a good lawyer will help you navigate your way through them all.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 slip and fall law firms in Ohio:

The Attkisson Law Firm serves Dayton and the entire Warren County area. They specialize in all forms of personal injury cases, especially what they call premises liability. Property owners have a large responsibility to keep their tenants and visitors safe. If a person is hurt because of a lack of maintenance or other unsafe condition, they should be compensated for their injuries. Attkisson is a very highly rated slip and fall law firm, and has a great track record of recovering damages in unusual cases.

The Attkisson slip and fall law firm advises Warren County residents that Ohio’s laws include an Open and Obvious Doctrine. This law makes it more difficult for accident victims to recover damages if they do not understand the nuances of the doctrine. That’s why they urge all premises liability accident victims to consult a lawyer who is experienced in slip and fall cases to fully explore their options.

The Fitch Law Firm

Ohio residents In Cuyahoga County will appreciate the Fitch Law Firm’s dedication to personal service. Many law firms take a purely technical approach to legal representation for their clients. Because of the nature of slip and fall accidents, that sort of impersonal attitude doesn’t suit accident victims. Victims of slip and fall accidents need a sympathetic ear to fully understand how an accident has changed their life. They prefer a slip and fall law firm that aggressively champions their cause while treating them with respect. Fitch has a great reputation on both counts.

Chester Law Group

Defiance County residents rely on the proven results of the Chester Law Group for slip and fall accidents and related personal injury cases. Many law offices tout a list of the highest damages they’ve been awarded in the cases they’ve handled, but they don’t differentiate between one type of case and another. Chester Law Group has won numerous personal injury settlements of all kinds, including the complex area of slip and fall cases. They’re also highly skilled at intervening on behalf of an accident victim where a very low settlement offer has been made to the accident victim. Many Ohio residents don’t realize that proper legal representation can mean the difference between receiving a small settlement and a settlement at the maximum of the insurance policy limits.

The Keating Firm

The Keating Firm serves the Washington County area of Ohio, and specializes in unusual liability cases like distracted driving, dog bites of workers, bicycle accidents, and others. This attention to detail in unusual situations translates well into slip and fall cases. Ohio’s web of laws governing premises liability requires careful study and lots of experience, and Keating’s clients give them glowing reviews for the diligence they show when representing slip and fall victims.

Like many slip and fall law firms, Keating offers a free initial consultation for accident victims. That’s a sign that a law office is looking out for the best interests of the client. It can be very difficult for a layperson to understand if they have a valid case when there’s been an accident. They may not be able to afford to pay a lawyer out of pocket for a consultation, which can lead to injured parties abandoning their legal rights simply because they can’t afford to defend them. Keating clients say they appreciate the sympathetic hearing they receive, and the candor and expertise the firm’s lawyers offer when assessing the validity of their cases.

Klein and Carney

Marion County residents rely on the Klein and Carney slip and fall law firm to vigorously defend their right to a settlement that takes care of their immediate medical care and lost wages, along with an appropriate amount of money to cover ongoing expenses resulting from an accident. Klein and Carney advertise their services while stressing the need for slip and fall accident victims to consult with a lawyer before accepting any type of offer from an insurance company that has liability in the case. Insurance companies prefer to speak directly to the accident victim because they know that laypersons do not understand the intricacies of premises liability, and often will sign away their rights in return for a small settlement. Klein and Carney have a long track record of making sure that their clients recover all the money they have coming to them.
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