Timely Moving Tips for Young Adults

You’re planning to move and you’re not exactly rolling in cash. In fact, as a recent college graduate or 20-something entrepreneur, you don’t have much money to spare. What you do have is plenty of drive and ambition — that’s why your move will take you to a city far from your current home.

With limited funds, you need to be proactive and think outside of the box on how best to approach your move. Likely, you don’t have as much stuff as a more established person, but that doesn’t mean you will want to leave what you own behind.

1. Sort through your goods. There’s a good chance that some of your living items won’t be making the trip with you. You’ll decide what they these items are and will use them, sell them or donate them before you move. The less stuff to move, the more you’ll save on your moving costs.

2. Decide how you will move. There are a number of choices at this point in the moving process.  If you have a lot of stuff, a moving company is one option. It is also the most expensive one at that. You might also consider renting a moving truck or shipping your items explains Smart Box Moving.

3. Trunks, crates and boxes…oh, my! If you’re moving yourself, meaning you’re packing everything into your car, then you don’t have to be concerned about using an outside source for your move. That means every box, crate and trunk you have on hand will help you do the trick. If space is very limited in your car, you will find that boxes take up a lot of room and are inflexible. For your clothing and some other soft good items, plastic trash bags can do the trick. Just make certain that when you arrive at your location, these bags are not inadvertently thrown out and with your clothes in them!

4. Ship it instead. What if you don’t have all the room in your car to move everything you want to move? That’s where bulk shipping comes in handy. Indeed, if you have a collection of books you don’t want to part with, then sending them ahead via USPS media mail can do the trick. And no worries that the books will arrive before you — they’ll typically take a few extra days to crawl across the country to your new destination.

5. Ask for help. If you have roommates, they’re the logical ones to ask to help you with your move. You may not have a lot of stuff to pack, but if your friends can bring home a few boxes, contribute newspapers for packing or simply offer moral support in any way, then take it. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of encouragement as you make an important life changing transition.

6. Enjoy the transition. Moving can be unnerving. It also means saying good-bye to the people that are important to you. Sure, you’ll touch base on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, but it just isn’t the same. Before you head out, get with your best friends and enjoy your time together. It may be the last time you see everyone in one place. That alone should galvanize you to enjoy the time. Take selfies — not that you need much encouragement here!

Your New Home

It is easier to transition to a new environment when you know people on the other end. If you don’t, then your place of work will offer that option, at least initially. Do explore your new environment and quickly make your new residence your home. Soon, you’ll feel like you belong even if the people, area and general environment is different.
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