Comparison between LG G4 and rumored LG G5

LG has made a strong presence in the smart phone market in recent years. The LG G4 has made a strong market response and it is the time for LG to translate the success to another level. The LG G5 is rumored to be launched next year. The phone is expected to be loaded with features. But if anything going to make difference for the phone the it should be the advanced technology and functionality of LG G5 as compared to LG G4. So, here are the comparison of LG G4 and rumored LG G5.

Display and Design

LG took a step toward advanced feature with LG G4 for the overall built. The plastic body changed to leather and that certainly look quite impressive but not at the industry standard. The manufacturer has decided to move ahead from leather as per reports for G5. The all metal body would be the most attractive feature for the phone.

As far as the display is concerned, the size of the screen is not expected to be changed and 5.5 inches screen may also feature for G5 along with G4. However, LG is expected to move to QHD Display from HD display for G5.


There is not much change expected for G5 from configuration point of view. G4 is known for sleek performance coupled with Snapdragon 808 processor, Android 5.0 Lollipop and 3 GB RAM. The combination is not expected to be changed for G5 as well. However, some additional features may be expected.


There is another important aspect of a smart phone and that is the camera. G4 has good rear camera of 16 MP and front camera of 8 MP same as galaxy s7. However, the response time is on the higher side for G4. LG would like to address that first for G5. However, the camera quality may not change.


G4 has good battery backup and quick charging ability. However, LG is reportedly trying to enhance that in G5. Higher performance can be very well expected with G5.

Look and Feel

This is where LG has to bring the major difference. If the reports are to be believed then, G5 will be a nicer experience. There should be edges in the design along with compact and greater design. LG is working toward a flagship phone that will change the dynamics of the smartphone industry.


LG has always prioritized the applications for the phone and G5 is not going to be different. Different applications like LG Health and others are going to get a boost with better performance with LG G5.

Overall, LG is looking to maximize the opportunity in the smart phone market with G5. G4 was one of the best smartphones for LG and the manufacturer is trying to take another giant step. Incredible features, superior performance and beautiful design are the three area to focus and G5 is on its way for the same. The phone expected to hit the market in the next year and it has already become an anticipated name in smartphone industry.
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