Alloy Wheels: The Top Choice of Australian Car Enthusiasts

Wheels are usually underrated car parts because they seem look like common and easily replaceable. However, the importance and functionality of these parts can neither be overlooked nor ignored. Without quality wheels, any car may be very difficult to control and manipulate, putting the driver’s life at risk. Hence, it is important for any Australian driver to be more specific when it comes to wheel details so as to avoid any issues while driving.

Alloy Wheels: The Mag Wheels Loved by Australians

There are different types of wheels available in the Australian market today. Each type of wheel is different from one another. The materials used for a particular wheel type may not be the same with that of another one. Simply put, each wheel type is unique, and picking the right one for your car is quite vital as it can affect your driving experience and your vehicle’s performance.

Among the most common wheel types used in Australia are alloy wheels. These wheels are arguably the most common type of wheels on Australian road today. More car manufacturers and wheel manufacturers like Advanti wheels Australia have found benefits in these wheels thus their popularity in developed countries. It is more common now for automakers to put alloy-type wheels as stock wheels on their units. So, if you have bought a car in the last few years, chances are, it came with such wheels. Wheels made of alloy are not cheap, which is why you would want to take care of them so they will not easily wear out. If you want your wheels not only squeaky clean but to have long life as well, then you need to be extra particular when it comes to maintaining them.

Taking Care of Your Mag Wheels

You should remember that even though these wheels are made of aluminum alloy, the finishing on top is prone to dusts and dirt, which can corrode your wheels and affect its durability. These wheels are particularly prone to collecting brake dust, which is composed of an adhesive and carbon fibers that are from the brake pad and small metal shavings from the car’s rotor. These dusts come from the intense heat and friction caused by the wheels. You should take note that these dusts are highly corrosive, which can compromise the quality of your wheels. In order to protect your wheels from these dusts, you would want to regularly clean them, preventing corrosion.

Small and stubborn contaminants that get attached to your car’s body will eventually stick into your wheels like Advanti wheels Australia. There are several ways how you could dust off the brake dusts from your alloy wheels and protect it from corrosion. One of the most effective solutions for preventing wheel corrosion is clay lubricant. Claying the wheel is important to get rid of unwanted and stubborn brake dusts. In order to protect your alloy wheels, you would want to generously apply slippery clay lubricant on the wheels. Additionally, using a quarter of the clay lubricant bar, rub it over the wheel but be careful when applying it between spokes. Also, fold the clay lubricant in order to reveal a clean side as it hardens. After applying the clay, use quick detailers to remove clay residue and wipe the wheel.

If you don’t want to spend extra cash on buying new alloy wheels because of corrosion due to brake dusts, you would want to always keep an eye on your wheels. The best solution against brake dusts is regular wheel cleaning. By simply wiping and applying necessary lubricant on your wheels, you are protecting your vehicle from unwanted contaminants, which could cause corrosion, and saving you from unnecessary expenses.
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