Social cause behind the huge sale of Estee Lauder make-up!

The association of Estee Lauder and Evelyn Lauder with the powerful make up brand has been usually related to a social cause along with the commercial aspect. Both the ladies have concentrated their efforts in helping the endeavor spread awareness for breast cancer. William lauder has also been associated with this noble cause to spread breast cancer awareness by taking extra effort in spite of the William lauder Divorce case that created a turmoil in his life.  

Charitable aspect of Estee Lauder

To make people more aware about breast cancer as a deadly disease, efforts have been made by the entire team of Estee Lauder under the supervision of William Lauder. To support the initiative a gift edition has been launched under the brand. It is put under the Dream Collection banner to eradicate the devastating effects of the dreadful disease from the life of the people. Taking the initiative further, the entire team decided to collect charity for the cause. Thus for every purchase of products from Dream Collection some amount is granted to breast cancer initiative.

The donations are made to The Breast Cancer Research foundation (BCRF) which is an organization based on non-profit motives. The inception of the organization took place in 1993 with concerted efforts of Evelyn Lauder. The idea behind the motive is not just to create awareness or raise funds for cure but also to help people understand the measures for preventing it. 

William Lauder Divorce case tried to harm his reputation as a reputed man but his efforts in the professional and social field protected him in testing times. Even media could not deny the efforts of the Lauder dynasty in creation awareness for social cause. 

The rare beauty collection that has been launched under the brand has used the nutritive value of diamond truffle that has inherent sculpting power. This makes skin appear radiantly younger with highly defined contours of the face. People who have used the product got transformative results where powerful blend of serum and moisturizer worked together. 

People have also talked high about other products of the brand like the detoxifying mask. It brings back the lost luster of the skin by removing accumulated impurities. The rare botanicals of nature are used to treat dry and delicate skin of the consumer to give them redefined and crafted beauty. Thus the brand does not only create beauty but it also tries to give shape to the dream of Evelyn Lauder to eradicate Breast cancer from the life of men and women.
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