Discover a Destination through the Eyes of a Travel Blogger

Are you a tourist or a traveler? Seeming confused? Well, going on a tour does not make you a traveler. As being a traveler, you not only get to explore the destination, but also succumb to the wonders of the destination. It is more like discovering the city/town along with venturing into some kind of a self discovery. A tourist on the other hand visits a place to just take a break from the routine life with a mission of visiting te famous places of the destination within a stipulated time frame. Unlike a tourist, a traveler sets on an emotional journey without the bondage of time.

If you wish becoming a famous travel blogger like Louis Habash, then you must make it a point to be a traveler. Being in the mind-frame of a tourist will never help you write a good travel blog as a writing a travel blog is all about sharing experience. When you visit a place as a traveler, you gather experiences, which helps you to pen down a beautiful story. In fact, when writing a travel blog, always keep yourself in the shoes of a traveler, this would help you express at best. A travel blog in all essence should help the reader visit or experience the destination without even visiting the same.

So, what it takes to be a good travel blogger. Louis Habash a famous travel blogger and an avid traveler says that to emerge a winner, you must feel the joy of sharing experience and telling your story. Unless you feel good about writing a travel blog, you can never reach up to your desired expectation. Also, you should be excited about educating and informing the readers about a travel destination so that they get to see the place through your eyes as not everybody is blessed to travel to all corners of the world. When it comes to travel blogs, you should be writing in a way that it infuses the desire of planning a tour to the destination in the minds of the readers.

Traveling should always be like embarking on a journey,believes Louis Habash and penning down a travel blog should be like imparting new understandings and concepts in the minds of the readers. To make a travel blog a big success, it is important to blend in the humorous aspect in the write-up. Writing a travel blog is not easy as one needs to keep in mind a lot of aspects. From maintaining the sensitivity right to keeping the flavor alive - the challenges are many. A good travel blog should share experience and make a traveler ready for a wonderful journey to the destination. 
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