Bigg Boss Gossips That are heard outside the House of Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is back again with another season which is expected to bring forth double trouble for the contestants. While on one side contestants are going to have a tough time in the house, spectators outside are going to have a great time watching the show. Fans of the show are crazy to see Salman Khan as the host of this season as well, but after Salman walked off in the eight seasons there were speculations about him being a part of the show. There were even Bigg Boss gossips that Salman Khan was not offered to host the show, but some sources has confirmed that Bigg Boss 9 will be hosted by Salman Khan, the favorite host of almost all the Bigg Boss viewers.

Bigg Boss Contestants in House

The new season is expected to begin from October 11, 2015. The show will be telecasted from Monday to Friday 10.30 pm, while everything have been decided and declared about the upcoming season name and Bigg Boss Contestants Profile still remains a secret. There have been various anticipations but till date there is no surety as to who will be the contestants of this season. Individuals from different occupations and fields have been invited for the show; however nothing has been confirmed officially by the Bigg Boss production house.
One of the biggest Bigg Boss gossips is name of the contestants who are going to be a part of the show. It is the temperament and behavior of contestants within the show, which decides how the show is going to be and if it would be fun watching them or not. Some of the contestants which are expected to be a part of the show include names of Amit Tondan, VJ Bani, Mohit Malhotra, Najeem Khan Etc. However the name of contestants or Bigg Boss Contestants profile has not been confirmed officially.

Opening of Bigg Boss Season 9

Well, let’s watch out for the opening day of Bigg Boss season 9 when names of contestants will be officially declared and season will begin. Unlike any other season, the opening show of Bigg Boss 9 is also going to be a big one wherein every contestant is expected to give an introductory performance just before they enter into the house and participate in one of the biggest television shows. One can also watch out Salman Khan performing on the D day, declaring the beginning of yet another season of Bigg Boss.
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